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  • Catalogue Essay

    Sapphire “…like the pure sky, and mighty nature has endowed it with so much great power that it might be called sacred and the gem of gems”, Kunz, The Curious Lore of Gemstones
    Historically regarded as a ‘royal gem’, sapphire has been appreciated throughout time as a symbol of wealth and power. They exist in a palette of diverse hues and intensities according to the origin of their deposits. In the elite world of sapphires, three origins are known for the finest and most coveted blue treasures, namely Kashmir, Burma (Myanmar) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

    While Ceylon is known to be the earliest source of sapphires in history, producing specimens characterized by their soft, violet undertones described as ‘cornflower blue’, Kashmir is a legendary mine that was almost exhausted within a decade after its discovery, with highly limited exemplary specimens in the market.

    The Burmese sapphire is set apart for its crisp transparency and robust brilliance and highly sought after for its ‘Royal Blue’ variations. Their colour tends to be most highly saturated of all the sapphire origins and is most commonly found in ‘ultramarine’ hues. Modern mines in Burma yield very few sapphires, and very few fine examples over 10 carats make their way to the present day market. This lot offered is set with such rarities, glowing with a distinctive charm unique to Burmese sapphires.


A Fine Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Size 4½

HK$2,300,000 - 3,000,000 

Contact Specialist
Terry Chu
Head of Jewellery, Asia, Senior Director
+852 2318 2038

Jewels & Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 27 November 2017