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  • Catalogue Essay

    Conch pearl is named after the sea animal from which they are found, called the "Queen Conch". They come in a range of attractive pastel hues, but the best conch pearls are pink in colour. The presence of flame structure, caused by microcrystalline fibers from within, is also an important criterion from which a conch pearl is judged. This necklace is mounted with seven conch pearls of matching colour, and most importantly, all of them possess distinctive flame pattern visible to naked eyes.


A Fine Conch Pearl and Diamond Necklace

Length approximately 410mm

HK$900,000 - 1,100,000 

Sold for HK$1,000,000

Contact Specialist
Terry Chu
Head of Jewellery, Asia, Senior Director
+852 2318 2038

Jewels & Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 27 November 2017