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  • Manufacturer: Charles Frodsham
    Year: 2019
    Movement No: 010'798
    Model Name: Double Impulse Chronometer Escapement
    Material: 18k pink gold
    Calibre: Manual, inhouse
    Bracelet/Strap: Leather
    Clasp/Buckle: 18k pink gold pin buckle
    Dimensions: 42mm Diameter
    Signed: Case, dial and movement signed
    Accessories: Accompanied by Charles Frodsham Certificate of Origin confirming delivery of the watch on 8 October 2019.

  • Catalogue Essay

    While Charles Frodsham is a venerable maker of British chronometers whose pieces date back to 1834, it wasn’t until 2018 that the brand introduced a wristwatch – 16 years in the making - whose technical prowess took the horological world by storm.

    With the Double Impulse Chronometer, Charles Frodsham has firmly stated the return of British watchmaking at the forefront. The goal with this first wristwatch was to present a chronometer escapement, originally invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet and later perfected by George Daniels and Derek pocket watches.

    The immense complexity of miniaturizing this complex escapement into a wristwatch took 16 painstaking years. Frodsham can boast being the first and only maker to have done it, with a bit of help from the great Derek Pratt himself.

    This is the first wristwatch to use the Daniels Double Impulse Chronometer Escapement, which is completely symmetrical, highly detached, and oil free. The large free-sprung balance has a self-compensating balance spring with raised terminal curve, and a proprietary shock protection system with fixed jeweled bearings.

    Absolutely every component of this watch is made by Frodsham including the case and ceramic dial. The only elements from the outside are the crystals, the main and balance springs, the jewels (that are from the brand’s existing stock dating from the 1950s) and the strap, giving the term “in-house” a brand new meaning.

    The movement is not only a horological masterpiece but also a thing of beauty with beautifully finished components, train wheels in gold and all steel components mirror polished.

    It is interesting to note that the serial number is quite long, this can be explained by the fact that the serial number is a continuation of the watch numbering sequence first started by John Arnold in 1761, and adopted by Charles Frodsham when he bought Arnold and Son in 1843.

    Only a handful of Frodsham’s Double Impulse Chronometers leave the brand’s workshops each year, with years long waiting lists the present example in pink gold offers a unique opportunity.


A stunning pink gold Double Impulse Chronometer Escapement wristwatch with certificate of origin

42mm Diameter
Case, dial and movement signed

CHF100,000 - 200,000 

Sold for CHF317,500

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Alexandre Ghotbi
Deputy Chairman, Watches, Head of Watches, Europe, and Middle East

+41 79 637 17 24

Tiffany To
Head of Sale, Geneva

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The Geneva Watch Auction: XVIII

Geneva Auction 3 - 4 November 2023