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  • Condition Report

  • Provenance

    Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles
    Acquired from the above by the present owner

  • Exhibited

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Museum of Art, Semblance: The Public/Private/Shared Self, 27 June - 6 October 2019

  • Catalogue Essay

    Based in Philadelphia, Jonathan Lyndon Chase is a young painter who is breaking new ground, inventively tackling issues of race, gender and sexuality in his mixed media works. Highlighting his personal struggle in coming to terms with his identity as a queer black man in contemporary America, he creates a world of weightless, cosmic dimensions in his paintings. In this present lot, the artist depicts the side profile of three full-bodied figures melting into one another’s physical boundaries, curvaceous with elastic limbs, locked in a moment of sensual ecstasy floating in ambient blue and midnight black. The title that Chase chose for this work shrewdly nods to Hecate, the Greek goddess that embodies the three faces of maiden, mother and crone; yet he tenaciously evokes contemporaneity through gender-defying, androgynous features, who like Hecate, sees into the dimensions of past, present and future. The impact of these figures is emotionally profound as it could be seen as a window into the artist’s own life or further interpreted as a self portrait, where Chase undertakes and acknowledges his bipolar disorder. “The highs and the lows of how I see the world can be really overwhelming and then really beautiful. It is a way that helps me be sensitive to nuances in different ways.” he explains (the artist quoted in Miss Rosen, “The artist painting beautiful, raunchy stories about queer life”, Dazed, 26 April 2018, online). Hacate is about the passing of time, the anxiety, pain and pleasure that the artist has experienced through his body and is at once refreshingly raw and authentic. Selling out within a day of the opening at his debut show at Kohn Gallery in 2018, Chase is a rising star with works in the collections of the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis and the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, as well as the private collections of Beth Rudin Dewoody and the Hort family.

  • Catalogue Essay

    年輕畫家喬納森·林登·蔡斯現居費城,他經常突破新的領域,在其混合媒材作品中以創新手法探討種族、性別和性的問題,突出他自己作為一名身處當今美國社會的同性戀黑人,所遇到的掙扎。 他在畫面上呈現了一個無重力的廣闊空間,本幅作品所畫的是三個側面的全身像,他們一點點融入彼此的身體邊界,曲線玲瓏,四肢富彈性,仿佛是鎖在背景藍色和黑色間的一個肉體狂喜時刻。蔡斯為此作選擇的題目機智地向希臘女神赫卡忒致敬,赫卡忒包含了少女、母親和老婦三位一體。但蔡斯的作品通過其雌雄同體而挑戰性別概念,有著強烈的當代感。如赫卡忒一般,經歷過去、現在和未來的不同層面。這些人物蘊藏的情感深摯,就像一扇窗,看向藝術家自己的人生,甚至可以把它視為一幅自畫像,蔡斯在其中承認自己的躁狂抑鬱症。藝術家解釋道:「我眼中這個世界的高潮和低潮有時會讓人很不知所措,但有時又是非常美麗的。它幫助我以不同方法對細小差異保持敏感度。」(藝術家,錄於Miss Rosen,《這位藝術家畫了一些關於同性戀生活的美麗、淫穢的故事》,〈Dazed〉,2018年4月26日,截自網路)《赫卡忒》是時間的流逝,還有藝術家通過身體感到的焦慮、痛苦和愉悅,既赤裸又真實。蔡斯2018年在 Kohn 畫廊的首次畫展在一天內就全部售罄。其作品現已被納入美國明尼亞波利斯的沃克藝術中心和邁阿密當代藝術中心的收藏。同時, 也進入Beth DeWoody 和 Hort 家族的私人收藏。

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signed and dated 'Jonathan L Chase 2017' on the reverse
glitter, acrylic, marker and graphite on canvas
88.9 x 61 cm. (35 x 24 in.)
Executed in 2017.

HK$40,000 - 55,000 

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Contact Specialist
Danielle So
Associate Specialist, Head of Day Sale

20th Century & Contemporary Art & Design Day Sale

Hong Kong Auction 25 November 2019