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  • “The surface of an airbrushed area is blurry; it could be very blurry and out of control depends on how far the air-gun is to the canvas. But it’s interesting because at the same time if you think about the digital term ‘resolution’ of an image, it is also in extremely high definition. So really what you make with airbrush is some sort of high-resolution blurriness.”
    — Gao Hang


    Just Freaking Dunked on My Girlfriend is imbued with Gao Hang's hallmark explorations of modern online human behaviours. Its playful and exaggerated depiction resonates with the kind of humorous scenarios commonly shared online, hinting at the age of internet memes and the contemporary craving for instant gratification. The title itself might be something one would encounter as a caption on social media, where everyday moments are transformed into entertaining spectacles for digital consumption. The artwork captures a male figure standing confidently next to a basketball hoop, his arm adorned with tattoos. Nearby, a pair of female shoes is visible, suggesting that she might have fallen or is out of view after being ‘dunked’ upon in a comical basketball scenario. The basketball is located at the base of the hoop, further emphasizing the aftermath of the dunk.


    The artwork's vibrant colour palette and subject matter are reminiscent of the neo-pop art movement. The use of florescent colours, the striking green background, and the casual yet engaging setting align with pop art's tradition of elevating the mundane into art. This neo-pop artistic approach is seamlessly blended with aesthetics of digital media, evident in the slightly pixelated or low-poly texture of the figures and objects. Such a representation harkens back to early video game graphics, underscoring Gao Hang's affinity for retro video game aesthetics.


    Gao Hang is a contemporary artist from China, born in 1991, who now resides in Houston, Texas. His artistic journey began in China where he obtained a Bachelor of Art degree in Oil Painting from Capital Normal University. He later moved to Houston, Texas in 2015 to pursue a Master of Fine Art degree in Painting/Drawing from the University of Houston. His works are featured in major galleries across America and Europe. Notable venues include The Hole Gallery in New York, Waluso Gallery in London, Pulpo Gallery in Murnau, Germany, and L21 Gallery in Palma, Spain. Gao Hang has had his works exhibited in a variety of solo shows including Digital Primitivism at Tang Contemporary Art in Bangkok (2023), First Contact at DUVE Gallery in Berlin, Germany (2023), and You are completely special at Breach Gallery in Miami, Floria (2022). 

    • Provenance

      Gallery Func, Shanghai
      Acquired from the above by the present owner


Just Freaking Dunked on My Girlfriend

signed, titled and dated '"Just freaking dunked on my girlfriend" 2020 Gao Hang'; further stamped with a certificate of authenticity by the artist on the reverse
acrylic on canvas
151 x 120.9 cm. (59 1/2 x 47 5/8 in.)
Painted in 2020.

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HK$60,000 - 80,000 

Sold for HK$82,550

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Hong Kong Auction 26 November 2023