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  • Fan Zhen's art is deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture, Buddhism, and Yixue, focusing on the practice and exploration of one's mind. Her notable series, "Fantastic Stories from The Book of Heaven", delves into the laws of the universe, offering glimpses into the unknown origins of everything. Fan Zhen's creative process, involving the use of sunlight and natural fading of colours, mirrors life's epiphanies and the ever-changing nature of human perception. Her admiration for Yayoi Kusama’s works further influences her art, integrating a sense of vitality and hope amidst struggle. For Fan Zhen, art is more than a medium — it's a soulful expression of emotions, kindness, and hope. Her work aims to awaken beauty within the viewer and inspire resilience, reconciliation, and growth. Fan Zhen’s art is a testament to the power of visual communication in conveying love, beauty, and the seeds of hope.


    A four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck and fortune. Each leaf in the clover has a specific meaning, with one leaf representing faith, the second for hope, the third for love, and the fourth for luck. This symbolism is predominantly found in Western cultures and is derived from Celtic and Irish traditions, where four-leaf clovers were believed to offer magical protection and ward off bad luck. They are rare variations of the common three-leaf clover and are widely recognized as a symbol of extraordinary luck if found. Each leaf is heart-shaped with a vibrant green colour that has subtle variations in shade, suggesting depth and texture. In the centre where all four leaves meet, there's a pronounced overlay of warm colours, with red at the very centre, radiating out to yellow and then green, creating a visual effect of glowing warmth. The edges of the leaves are clean, with no visible outlines, giving the piece a modern, graphic look.



    Detail of the present lot


    Living and working in Beijing, Fan Zhen is a young artist known for her unique blend of tranquillity and intensity. Her abstract paintings, reflecting a rare sense of concentration, depict figures that move and change within a meandering, rule-governed world. Fan Zhen has been featured in prominent exhibitions, including the 2021 Shanghai exhibition The Border: Duo Exhibition of Liao Yuan and Fan Zhen and the 2023 Hong Kong Art Central Art Fair. Her solo exhibition Seeds of Nature, held at SHOUT Contemporary in Hong Kong, showcases over 30 of her latest works. This exhibition encapsulates her philosophy: co-creation with nature, expressing the resilience and beauty of life. Each piece reflects her perception of life and the transient nature of existence.

    • Provenance

      Beijing, Central Academy of Fine Arts International College
      Acquired from the above by the present owner


Four-leaf Clover 4

(i) signed, titled and numbered 'Fan Zhen "Four-leaf clover" one [in Chinese]' on the reverse
(ii) signed, titled and numbered 'Fan Zhen "Four-leaf clover" two [in Chinese]' on the reverse
(iii) signed, titled and numbered 'Fan Zhen "Four-leaf clover" three [in Chinese]' on the reverse
(iv) signed, titled and numbered 'Fan Zhen "Four-leaf clover" four [in Chinese]' on the reverse

acrylic and mixed media on canvas, in artist's frame, in 4 parts
each 121 x 121 cm. (47 5/8 x 47 5/8 in.)
overall 242 x 242 cm. (95 1/4 x 95 1/4 in.)

Executed in 2022.

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HK$100,000 - 200,000 

Sold for HK$254,000

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