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  • A Journey Reimagined

    The second NFT of the series, Embrace, presents a zoomed-in look at one of the visual microsystems that exist in the ecosystem of the cube from In Search Of. One of ThankYouX's signature cubes floats in a pool of water within one of the caves set to Zimmer’s score, representing a singular storyline within the larger winding narrative.


    Accompanying the NFT Embrace is a physical painting made by ThankYouX in collaboration with Zimmer. This painting serves as a vessel for an inset Infinite Objects screen that displays Embrace. The components of this lot in turn demonstrate ThankYouX's passion for exploring the physical alongside the digital, juxtaposed in an attempt to unite the two worlds. This goal is further exemplified by the title of the work, Embrace, which signifies the traditional art world's embrace of the new medium of NFTs. "I can push the needle forward...I’ve gotten to marry my art to technology in a way that truly just explains who I am." —ThankYouX


    The artists have created a physical piece to accompany the NFT (the physical piece includes: a 72 x 72 inch painting with an inset Infinite Objects display screen “Physical Companion”). The Physical Companion will be on display at Phillips’ Park Avenue Gallery from July 16 to July 23.  The Physical Companion is not part of the Lot offered by Phillips and is not covered by Phillips’ Authorship Warranty. Phillips makes no representations or warranties about its nature, condition, description, uniqueness, functionality, compatibility, durability, or the availability of this physical work, either now or in the future, or that it will function in the manner the artists intend.

    The Buyer may request in writing, for Phillips to release or deliver the Physical Companion to Buyer. Buyer’s written notice must be received by Phillips within 30 days from the end date of the Online Auction. Phillips will only release arrange or deliver the Physical Companion to the Buyer upon Phillips’ receipt of full payment of the Lot’s Purchase Price.

    The Buyer will be responsible for paying all shipping charges associated with a delivery of the Physical Companion by Phillips to Buyer. Phillips will not be responsible to Buyer at any time for any physical loss or damage to the Physical Companion.  For further terms and conditions regarding the Physical Companion, please review our Online Auction Conditions of Sale.


    Further Information on NFTs

    Which currency will bidding be denominated in?

    The auction will be conducted and invoiced in US dollars (USD).

    What forms of payment are accepted?

    Payments are due in either USD or in Ether. Each bidder will be responsible for conducting their own U.S. Dollar to Ether cryptocurrency conversion throughout the online-only auction and at the time of each of their bids, and you acknowledge and agree that cryptocurrency rates fluctuate regularly and the conversion rate may change during the course of the online-only auction and you are responsible for the payment of a winning bid at the rate of exchange at the time payment is made by you, and not at a previous rate of exchange. 

    Are there resale royalties due to the artist on secondary market sales?     

    The NFT is subject to resale royalties on any subsequent resales of the NFT. On any subsequent resale of the NFT, the successful bidder and buyer of the NFT at the auction may be obligated on Seller’s behalf to collect and remit to Seller resale royalties as applicable equal to 10% of the sale price of the NFT. Other resale royalties and transaction duties imposed by law may also apply in relation to such resales. 


    • You are bidding as principal and not on behalf of anyone else

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      • from a single wallet registered to you;

      • using funds belonging to you; and

      • maintained by one of the following:

        • Coinbase Custody Trust;

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        • Paxos Trust Company, LLC.


    Payments from digital wallets hosted at other exchanges or self-hosted wallets will not be recognized or accepted and in such circumstances payment will be required in US dollars.

    If you are the successful bidder you agree to provide us with all information and documentation, we request in order to verify your identity and to confirm that the Ether payment was made from a digital wallet registered in your name and maintained at by one of the platforms above. Partial payments of a lot from multiple digital wallets will not be accepted.

    Please view the full Online Auction Conditions of Sale.

    • Provenance

      The Artists



Token ID: 2
Contract Address: 0xD8Ff...2687

Non-Fungible Token (ERC-721)
MP4: 110.4MB (110,414,293 bytes), 3840x2160px, HD, 0:16, stereo
Minted on July 19, 2021, this work is unique.

Full Cataloguing

Starting bid: $100

Sold for $138,600

Contact Specialist

Rebekah Bowling
Head of Day Sale, Afternoon Session
New York

1 212 940 1250
[email protected]

Sound of Color by ThankYouX and Hans Zimmer