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  • This Double Exposure work depicts the Virgin Mary, a symbol of divine femininity, forgiveness and compassion, creation, and a challenge to the dominance of male deities within contemporary Christianity. By following the Virgin Mary, Christians incorporate the rites and attributes of the goddesses of the ancient world into their beliefs, exposing the juxtapositions and continuities between Christianity and underlying ancestral beliefs.


    For centuries, the Virgin Mary was viewed as a submissive, dependent woman, without threat to patriarchal structures. The traditional landscape painting she is placed against evokes that, but here, her photographed image shifts her into a contemporary position. She exists as a double, or diptych, which is then mirrored in the physical static artwork.


    In photography, a ‘double exposure’ is a technical term, referring to an effect that can be accidental or deliberate, a mistake or carefully constructed. The NFT shows her mutability, and our ability today to conceptualise her as a strong-minded and courageous woman who inspired a multitude of different faiths.


    Double Exposure is Rewind Collective’s original series of NFTs which honour misrepresented women.


    The seller of this Lot has informed Phillips that at the buyer’s written request it will, transfer to the buyer [on a complimentary basis] a physical, chromogenic print of a still image of the Digital Artwork Asset identified in the NFT (“C-print”).  The C-print will be printed on photographic gloss paper measuring 120 x 83.2cm and will include the artists’ stamp. Following Phillips’ receipt of the buyer’s payment for the NFT in full and cleared funds, Phillips will provide the buyer with the seller’s contact details for this purpose. 


    Please note:

    • The physical C-print does not form part of the Lot offered by Phillips and is not covered by Phillips’ Authorship Warranty.

    • Phillips makes no representations or warranties about the C-print, its nature, condition, description, uniqueness, durability, or availability either now or in the future.

    • Arrangements for the transfer of the C-print will be made directly between the seller and the buyer.  Phillips will not be involved and will at no stage have possession of or be responsible for any physical loss or damage to the C-print.  


    This Lot is sold subject to the Online-Only Auction Conditions of Sale, Hong Kong, the Additional Conditions of Sale applicable to NFT Lots and the Additional Conditions of Sale applicable to Cryptocurrency Payments, in addition to the following supplemental terms:


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    Are resale royalties payable to the artist on re-sales of the NFT?


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Double Exposure - Virgin Mary #1

Token ID10443119199268964430249862117701110502114984101877
Contract Address0x495f...7b5e
Non-Fungible TokenERC-1155
MP4: 6.91 MB (7,247,996 bytes), 4500x6000px, HD, 00:06
Minted on 10 February 2022, this work is unique.

Full Cataloguing

Estimate On Request

Sold for HK$252,000

Contact Specialist

Hin Hin Wong

Associate Specialist, 20th Century & Contemporary Art, Hong Kong

+852 2318 2013

My Kawaii Valentine: Online Auction

Online Auction 14 - 22 February 2022