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  • About Kaleidoscopic Waterfall


    Inspired by sacred geometry, this study concludes with the puddle morphing into kaleidoscopic mandalas straight out of a hallucination. Stark explores what happens to a liquified pattern when it slides, swirls, and congeals into an amorphous blob.


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    The auction will be conducted and invoiced in US dollars (USD).

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    Payments are due in either USD or in Ether. Each bidder will be responsible for conducting their own U.S. Dollar to Ether cryptocurrency conversion throughout the online-only auction and at the time of each of their bids, and you acknowledge and agree that cryptocurrency rates fluctuate regularly and the conversion rate may change during the course of the online-only auction and you are responsible for the payment of a winning bid at the rate of exchange at the time payment is made by you, and not at a previous rate of exchange.

    Are there resale royalties due to the artist on secondary market sales?

    The NFT is subject to resale royalties on any subsequent resales of the NFT. On any subsequent resale of the NFT, the successful bidder and buyer of the NFT at the auction may be obligated on Seller’s behalf to collect and remit to Seller resale royalties as applicable equal to 10% of the sale price of the NFT. Other resale royalties and transaction duties imposed by law may also apply in relation to such resales.


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    Payments from digital wallets hosted at other exchanges or self-hosted wallets will not be recognized or accepted and in such circumstances payment will be required in US dollars.


    If you are the successful bidder you agree to provide us with all information and documentation, we request in order to verify your identity and to confirm that the Ether payment was made from a digital wallet registered in your name and maintained at by one of the platforms above. Partial payments of a lot from multiple digital wallets will not be accepted.


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Kaleidoscopic Waterfall

Token ID3
Contract Address: 0xF393...6F07
Non-Fungible TokenERC-721
MP4: 248.7 MB (301,537,585 bytes), 01:15, stereo
Minted on October 4, 2021, this work is unique.

Animation by Christopher Rutledge. Sound by Jamie Vance.

Full Cataloguing

$100 - 100 

Sold for $15,120

Contact Specialist

Rebekah Bowling
Head of Day Sale, Afternoon Session
New York

+1 212 940 1250
[email protected]

CASCADE: An NFT Project by Jen Stark