A Fine Diamond Ring, Cartier, Circa 1987

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    • One emerald-cut diamond, 7.09 carats

    • Flanked by two bullet-shaped diamonds, together approximately 1.20 carats

    • Platinum

    • Signed Cartier and numbered R6808, with English hallmark

    • Size 7½

    (7.09-carat Diamond)
    GIA report, numbered 5085527, D colour, Internally Flawless, Excellent Polish. Diamond type classification report, Type IIa diamond.

    附 美國GIA 證書

    Accompanied with a signed ring box and a copy of original Cartier receipt dated 22 October 1987

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    Cartier, 'A Fine Diamond Ring, Cartier, Circa 1987', Lot 648

    Jewels & Jadeite, 25 November

  • Catalogue Essay

    The superb quality of this diamond transcends its top colour and clarity grading, it is also certified as a Type IIa and described as a ‘Golconda’ diamond by Cartier. A Golconda diamond is distinguished by a high degree of transparency as a result of the purity of its crystal, imbued with a limpid quality that is reminiscent of a drop of ice water.
    The name also evokes the myths surrounding an ancient mine in Eastern India, which gave birth to legendary diamonds including The Koh-i-Noor and The Regent. Revered by gem traders and collectors since the Renaissance period, Golconda was considered an exclusive source of the best diamonds in the world. Unfortunately, by mid-18th century, the insatiable appetites of Indian maharajas and European monarchs have completely exhausted its supply. Golconda diamonds, often said to be beyond white, is classified as Type IIa. With less than 1% of the world's diamonds certified as type IIa, this pure diamond is as rare as it is beautiful

  • Catalogue Essay

    這顆方形鑽石的美超越了其本身純白的D色和無瑕(IF)淨度,它不但屬於Type IIa類型,更被卡地亞形容為「戈爾康達」鑽石。這種鑽石以極純淨的晶體見稱,清澈如結冰的水滴,澄明亮白。
    戈爾康達亦是一個位於東印度的古老礦源之名,盛產的傳奇美鑽包括著名的「山之光」和「攝政王」鑽石。此豐裕之地曾經是全世界上唯一出產鑽石的地方,自文藝復興時期已享譽國際,但因被印度大君和歐洲皇室大量開採,至18世紀經已竭盡所有礦藏。「戈爾康達」鑽石美不可言,常被形容為「比白色更白」,是Type IIa類型美鑽;而世上只有少於1%的鑽石經鑑定為Type IIa,因此這顆方形鑽石不但耀目璀璨,更是稀有和無比珍貴。

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    With the Constitution of 1848 came a new standard for luxury in France. Founded one year prior by Louis-Francois Cartier, the house of Cartier was one of the first to use platinum in jewelry making. This incredibly expensive material became the stepping-stone for Cartier to experiment in form, mechanisms and attitude. It helped men move from pocket watches to wristwatches, effectively making the watch much more functional and prominent in a man's overall wardrobe.

    Cartier did not only touch on functionality. Inspired by a commissioned painting by George Barbier featuring a black panther at the feet of an elegantly bejeweled woman, Cartier began incorporating wild animals in his designs—most notably, Cartier Panthère rings, bangle bracelets and watches. Yet it wasn't until the late 1960s that the house of Cartier debuted their iconic yellow and rose gold LOVE collection, which includes the famous bracelet that only a special screwdriver can open. 

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A Fine Diamond Ring, Cartier, Circa 1987

7.09克拉 D/IF 方形鑽石戒指, 卡地亞, 約1987年

HK$2,300,000 - 3,300,000 

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Hong Kong Auction 25 November 2019