A Pair of Emerald and Diamond Earrings

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    • Two heart-shaped emeralds, 4.44 and 4.25 carats

    • Surrounded by pear, marquise and tiny brilliant-cut diamonds, totalling approximately 6.50 carats

    • 18 karat white gold

    (4.44- and 4.25-carat Emeralds)
    SSEF report, numbered 98262, dated 7 March 2018, Ethiopia, no indications of clarity modification.

    附 瑞士SSEF 證書

  • Catalogue Essay

    Emeralds were first discovered in Ethiopia in 2016. Yet, most of the stones are heavily-included and below 3 carats in size. Rich in chromium, gem-quality Ethiopian emeralds exhibit a bright and saturated green with a hint of blue, a colour surpassing that of Brazilian and Zambian specimens, and could rival that of Colombian stones. Gem-quality Ethiopian emeralds gradually drew attention of worldwide collectors. Offered here is a nice example of Ethiopian emeralds, without any clarity modification, each weighing over 4 carats and possessing a lovely green hue.

  • Catalogue Essay

    2016 年埃塞俄比亞首度發現祖母綠礦藏,大多數經切割後淨度一般且小於3克拉。寳石級的埃塞俄比亞祖母綠因為含有較多的鉻元素,因此呈現極為濃艷及鮮明的藍綠色,不但勝過來自巴西和贊比亞的祖母綠,甚或可嫓美經典的哥倫比亞祖母綠,漸受各國收藏家注意。此對埃塞俄比亞祖母綠,各重逾4克拉,未經任何淨度處理,展現誘人濃郁翠綠。


A Pair of Emerald and Diamond Earrings

4.44及4.25克拉「埃塞俄比亞」袓母綠配鑽石吊耳環一對, 祖母綠未經浸油處理

HK$850,000 - 1,000,000 

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Terry Chu
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Hong Kong Auction 25 November 2019