A Demantoid Garnet and Diamond Ring

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    • One cushion-shaped demantoid garnet, 4.81 carats

    • Flanked by two trilliant-cut diamonds

    • Platinum

    • Size 6

    (4.81-carat Demantoid Garnet)
    AGL report, numbered 1103222, dated 14 August 2019, Russia (Ural Mountains), no indications of clarity enhancement.

    附 美國AGL 證書

  • Catalogue Essay

    Ural Mountains hails as the historical source of demantoid garnets, which is the most valuable type of garnet and come mostly in small sizes. Gem-quality demantoid garnets over 3 carats, particularly those originating from Russia, are very rare. Unlike most inclusions in other gemstones, 'horse-tail' inclusion, as shown in the current stone, is not considered a flaw, but an endorsement of its acclaimed pedigree.

  • Catalogue Essay

    俄羅斯的烏拉爾山是翠榴石之重要歷史產地, 此種寶石是石榴石中最珍貴的一種, 但絶大部分體積都十分細小。超過3克拉的寶石級翠榴石十分稀少, 產自俄羅斯的更是一石難求。寶石的內含物多數被視為瘕疵, 但此顆翠榴石裡的「馬尾」內含物卻是它源自俄羅斯的最佳證明。


A Demantoid Garnet and Diamond Ring

4.81克拉「俄羅斯」天然翠榴石配鑽石戒指, 翠榴石未經淨度處理

HK$350,000 - 430,000 

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Hong Kong Auction 25 November 2019