A Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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    • One oval sapphire, 5.14 carats

    • Brilliant-cut diamonds in the surround, totalling approximately 2.20 carats

    • 18 karat white gold

    • Size 7

    (5.14-carat Sapphire)
    AGL Report, numbered 1102332, dated 17 July 2019, Kashmir, no gemological evidence of heat.
    SSEF Report, numbered 108080, dated 25 June 2019, Kashmir, no indications of heating.

    附 美國AGL 及 瑞士SSEF 證書

  • Catalogue Essay

    A short five years was the lifespan of the world’s most legendary and superior sapphire mine – Kashmir, a remote region high in the Great Himalayan mountains of northwestern India.
    Known for a rich and velvety blue colour that is unrivalled by sapphires form other parts of the world, Kashmir sapphires are beyond scarce. After an alleged landslide in the early 1880’s that revealed a deposit of intense blue gems, mining began under the Maharaja’s control from 1882, for a few years crystals as large as 5 x 3 inches were found on the site. Yet, the fairy tale of these superlative sapphires came to an end in 1887 when production vastly decreased and the deposits were almost depleted.
    Despite continuous efforts to survey new locations for deposits in the region, the results were hugely disappointing. It was a proven common belief that the mine is exhausted.
    With an inexistent supply, high quality Kashmir sapphire like this very one offered here which weighs over 5 carats, unheated and impart with an attractive saturated colour, have become a rarity that are highly covetable among gem connoisseurs.

  • Catalogue Essay

    五年 - 世界上最有名的藍寶石礦源喀什米爾只有如此短暫的壽命。位於印度西北部喜瑪拉雅山脈高海拔地區,此礦區現在已經成為寶石界的傳奇。
    產首此地的藍寶石因顏色濃郁艷麗、擁有絲絨般的柔亮光澤而享負盛名,無其他產地能及,卻又稀少得難以想像。據說1881一次山泥傾瀉發現了深藍色的礦石,1882印度喀什米爾大君已取得管理權,大規模開採。那短短幾年間,某些開採到的原石尺寸可達5 x 3吋。可惜1887的產量已迅速下降,礦物幾乎已被開採殆盡。


A Sapphire and Diamond Ring

5.14克拉「喀什米爾」天然藍寶石 配 鑽石戒指, 藍寶石未經加熱或淨度處理

HK$880,000 - 1,300,000 

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Hong Kong Auction 25 November 2019