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  • Catalogue Essay

    Botanicals and flowers are given their respective symbolism and meanings in history. In 1819, Madame Charlotte de la Tour published Le Language des Fleurs, which was likely the first dictionary of floral meanings. To immortalize the fleeting beauty of flowers, whether it was the moment of budding, flowering or withering, jewellers were drawn to the challenge of documenting these instants through the use of colourful gemstones. Throughout centuries, this popular theme for jewels took on varied artistic expressions, reflecting the aesthetics favoured at different times and era.
    This floral ring is characterized by a rendition that is halfway between stylized and realistic. Its draping petals are linear in geometry, yet moderately dimensional in volume. It calls to mind playful swank of the 60’s and the larger-than-life boldness of the 80’s. To hold and highlight the precious ruby in its centre, a superfluous number of prongs were meticulously set to perfection in this unique design. No matter what the flower symbolizes, this ruby ring is in itself the greatest expression of appreciation to all things that are rare and fine.

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    With the Constitution of 1848 came a new standard for luxury in France. Founded one year prior by Louis-Francois Cartier, the house of Cartier was one of the first to use platinum in jewelry making. This incredibly expensive material became the stepping-stone for Cartier to experiment in form, mechanisms and attitude. It helped men move from pocket watches to wristwatches, effectively making the watch much more functional and prominent in a man's overall wardrobe.

    Cartier did not only touch on functionality. Inspired by a commissioned painting by George Barbier featuring a black panther at the feet of an elegantly bejeweled woman, Cartier began incorporating wild animals in his designs—most notably, Cartier Panthère rings, bangle bracelets and watches. Yet it wasn't until the late 1960s that the house of Cartier debuted their iconic yellow and rose gold LOVE collection, which includes the famous bracelet that only a special screwdriver can open. 

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A Ruby and Diamond Ring, Cartier

Signed Cartier and numbered 1227312107
Size 5½

HK$3,500,000 - 4,200,000 

Contact Specialist
Terry Chu
Head of Jewellery, Asia, Senior Director
+852 2318 2038

Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 26 November 2018