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  • 製造商: Vianney Halter
    年份: 2022
    機芯編號: Movement engraved "Prototype"
    型號名稱: La Résonance "Prototype"
    材料: Titanium
    機芯: Manual, cal. VH22, 50 jewels
    錶帶/ 錶鏈: Alligator
    錶扣: 18k white gold Vianney Halter pin buckle
    尺寸: 39mm Diameter
    簽名: Dial and buckle signed
    配件: Accompanied by Vianney Halter fitted box and Certificate

  • 圖錄文章

    Vianney Halter’s world is populated with 19th century machines, science fiction paraphernalia and an overall general childish curiosity for everything. After having stunned the horological world with his steampunk creations in the late 1990s with the Antiqua, the Trio or the Classique (please see lot 46) he completely changed his aesthetics with the creation of his Deep Space Tourbillon and Tourbillon Resonance that showed his inspiration from Sci-Fi.

    His latest creation, the La Résonance, has all the philosophy of Halter in one piece and aesthetically closer to his earlier Steampunk inspired works.

    Presented at Watches and Wonders in April 2022, La Resonance is Halter’s take on the resonance phenomenon originally devised by Antide Janvier (in clocks) and Breguet (in pocket watches) whereby the timepiece features two balances in close proximity to create the resonance effect and beat in opposition, naturally evening out each other’s discrepancies and thus permitting greater accuracy.

    Halter’s La Résonance features two balances stacked one upon another and incorporates a differential that directs power from a pair of mainsprings to each of the separate gear trains. The balances are mounted on a shared balance bridge while the hairsprings share a common stud holder to maximize energy transmission and strengthen the coupling force.

    Another tour de force is the movement’s construction that does not feature a single plate but is constructed with bridges and large wheels reminiscent of the clocks of the 18th century, in fact the gears in La Resonance are held in place by 13 titanium bridges and 30 pillars. This construction also made the finishing of each component quite painstaking, as according to Halter there was over 3 linear meters of bridges and components to hand finish individually.

    To provide an unobstructed view into the movement the front and back bezels are as thin as possible and the crown has been moved to the left side of the case and the right side has been opened as to offer the wearer the possibility to admire the two balances beating in synchronicity. Another incredible feat is the weight of the watch, that measures a mere 35 grams (without the strap).

    We are delighted and proud to offer not only the very first La Résonance to come to the market but the original prototype presented to collectors and the press.

  • 藝術家簡介

    Vianney Halter

    Swiss • 1994

    Vianney Halter seeks to change how we view time and creates mechanical timepieces with retro-futuristic innovative timekeeping displays. One of his most famous models, the groundbreaking Anitqua, takes inspiration from the nineteenth century with an industrial, steampunk aesthetic, using a case with four separate dial displays that wowed collectors when it was first launched in 1998. For some of Halter's creations, literature — in particular that of Jules Verne — has been a source of inspiration. Halter continues to create futuristic case designs and works with complicated movements.



Vianney Halter,獨一無二,鈦合金擺輪原型腕錶。

39mm Diameter
Dial and buckle signed

CHF100,000 - 200,000 



Alexandre Ghotbi
+41 22 317 81 81

Tiffany To
+41 22 317 96 63

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