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Vianney Halter

Swiss  •  b. 1994


Vianney Halter seeks to change how we view time and creates mechanical timepieces with retro-futuristic innovative timekeeping displays. One of his most famous models, the groundbreaking Anitqua, takes inspiration from the nineteenth century with an industrial, steampunk aesthetic, using a case with four separate dial displays that wowed collectors when it was first launched in 1998. For some of Halter's creations, literature — in particular that of Jules Verne — has been a source of inspiration. Halter continues to create futuristic case designs and works with complicated movements.


  • Vianney Halter was an early member of the Academie Horlogeres des Createurs Independants (AHCI), joining in 2000.

  • He was the winner of the Meilleur Horloger-Concepteur at the 2011 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

"Vianney Halter seeks to change how we view time."

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