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    Courtesy of the Artist and Ode to Art

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    Jarasporn Chumsri’s (b. 1992, Thailand) paintings express her observations of the world, and fascination with the digital platforms that we increasingly rely on for information. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Netherlands is inspired by a combination of Jarasporn’s virtual experience of museums, and her first-hand experience of them.

    The work was exhibited in her show Atmosphere In The Virtual Museum + Experience + Emotion = Canvas at JAM Factory, where Jarasporn explored alternative definitions of the world-renowned masterpieces by painters who had influenced her style, and whose concepts and techniques she had been taught during her studies. However, she accessed these works virtually via digital platforms, re-painting them based on fact data rather than the actual masterpieces. In this process, Jarasporn discovered that images on screen are made up of the primary colours, red, green and blue. When all of them appear simultaneously on the screen, our eyes perceive them as white; and when they align in a certain way, magenta, yellow and cyan are produced. She adapted this knowledge of light and colours to develop the series by painting on canvases in landscape-orientation and a size comparable to that of the computer screen on which she took virtual museum tours. She also coated the canvas in black to represent the screen with an absence of light. Red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan and white were used as main colours in this collection.

    Jarasporn completed her in Fine Art at the School of Architecture, Art and Design at King Monkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrbang, has risen in prominence as a Thai artist in the Southeast Asian art scene in recent years. Her works attempt to reassess the artistic influence of impressionism. Working mainly in the medium of oil paints and using impasto techniques, she interprets these artistic processes to reaffirm their relevance to today’s society.


Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Netherlands

oil and acrylic on canvas
50 x 110 cm. (19 5/8 x 43 1/4 in.)
Painted in 2021.

$1,500 - 3,000 


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Christine Fernando
Associate Regional Representative, Singapore

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