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  • Literature

    Jörg Schellmann, ed., Wall Works, Munich/New York, 1999, pp. 29-33
    Jörg Schellmann, ed., Forty Are Better Than One, Munich/New York, 2009, pp. 58-59 and p. 400
    Udo Kittelmann and Gabriele Knapstein, ed., Wall Works, Berlin, 2014, p. 143 (another example illustrated)

  • Catalogue Essay

    The Wall Works Series

    "Increasingly the limitation of fine art editions to prints and objects did not seem to reflect the technical possibilities and the recent developments in artistic strategies and actual art production. Installation in architecture had become an important issue both in theory and artistic practice. Edition Schellmann was trying to develop an idea as to how the concept of installation in a given architectural space could be realised as an edition. The result was the Wall Works project. It celebrates the basic idea of architecture being the ‘mother, the synthesis of the arts’. From the cave drawing on, in the development of the work of art, it has been an integral part of architecture."

    - Jörg Schellmann, ed., Forty Are Better Than One, Munich/New York, 2009, p. 396

    "For 30 years, the vertical stripes of 8.7 cm wide, have been the constant element in the work of Buren, who has systematically investigated their artistic potential in paintings, objects and most often, in site-specific public installations. A certain type of work can very well journey from one place to another, provided that it follows certain precise rules of instructions. This is the case with the works that can be 're-per-formed' the same way a work of music can be performed over and over again. Each 're-performance' generates new readings and interpretations, which originate from each new site in which the work is installed."

    - Jörg Schellmann, ed., Forty Are Better Than One, Munich/New York, 2009, p. 58


25 Enamel Plates, from Wall Works

The complete set of 25 steel plates with red and white baked enamel, to be installed on a wall with each plate equidistant in five rows of five plates and five columns of five plates.
each plate 43.5 x 43.5 cm (17 1/8 x 17 1/8 in.)
installation size variable and according to wall

Signed and numbered '1/1 BAT' in blue ink on the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity (a bon à tirer or 'good to print' set before the edition of 15 colour variants and 3 artist's proofs), published by Edition Schellmann, Cologne and New York. This wall work to be installed according to the artist's specifications on the certificate.

£10,000 - 15,000 

Sold for £22,500

Contact Specialist

Anne Schneider-Wilson

Head of Sale, Senior Specialist 
+44 207 4042

Edition Schellmann: Fifty Are Better Than One

London Auction 6 June 2019