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  • Catalogue Essay

    ‘Rarity lies in fine workmanship.’ This sentence is best used to describe the meticulousness of jadeite cutting and polishing. Contradictory to common belief, the finest jadeite specimens are carved into the simplest forms to accentuate their inherent qualities, such as bangles, cabochons and beads. The lack of complicated carvings means that even the tiniest flaw could be visible if the jadeite is not cut to perfection. Exceptional craftsmanship is therefore essential to exhibit the full potential of a jadeite material. Indeed, a lot of jadeite carvers spend their entire lives cutting and perfectionizing only one form of jadeite.

    Jadeite double hoops are regarded as some of the most precious forms of jadeite jewellery for three main reasons. First, the jadeite boulder from which it is carved must be of significant size and evenly coloured, in order to produce four hoops of decent thickness and ratio. Second, the material must be free from inclusions that could jeopardise the stability of two interlocking hoops. Third, the cutting and polishing of double hoops call for utmost prowess. Since both hoops are carved from a single material, it relies greatly on a carver’s understanding of three dimensional space and acute judgement to execute precise cutting on a boulder. The result should be two interlocking hoops that are free to rotate but with minimal gap in between. No mistake, not even a minor one, is tolerated in the entire process.

    On top of the afore-mentioned criteria, if a pair of double hoops is of rich imperial green colour, fine texture and excellent translucency, such a piece of jadeite jewellery is deemed highly collectible. Unfortunately, fine jadeite double hoops are rarely seen in the market nowadays due to a lack of top-quality boulders excavated in the past decade. Those of relatively good quality are often cut into products of higher profit margin, and the number of experienced carvers is also on the decrease. This current pair of earrings represents more than a rare occasion to acquire very fine jadeite jewellery, it also tells a tale of wisdom, as well as the importance to pass on tradition of excellent craftsmanship.


An Exquisite Pair of Jadeite Double-hoop and Diamond Pendent Earrings

HK$2,500,000 - 3,000,000 

Contact Specialist
Terry Chu
Head of Jewellery, Asia, Senior Director
+852 2318 2038

Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 26 November 2018