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  • “My artworks are meant to represent teleportation and are a sign of a journey overcoming obstacles.”
    — Gongkan

    A graduate of Kasetsart University Laboratory School and Silpakorn University, Gongkan’s artistic journey was further enriched during his time in New York at the SVA. The bustling cityscape and diverse cultural milieu inspired his renowned Teleport Art series, which gained prominence both in the United States and Asia.


    'Teleport Art comes from my depression, personal experiences and societal issues around topics such as gender inequality and human rights. Throughout my time in New York, I struggled to make art and find gallery representation, until I reached a breaking point. I felt blocked from society in every way because of language barriers, my race, and a lack of connection to others. From that moment, I developed Teleport, utilising a black hole to represent freedom in my drawings. Teleport is a play on people's dissatisfaction with their current situation and hope for a better, different life. People dissatisfied with what they have might ask, ‘where should I go?’. It serves as an escape from darkness and grief.'i


    Recently, Phillips had the opportunity to speak with Gongkan on the present lot. 


    Phillips: What immediate message would you like to convey to viewers who are gazing at this work?


    Gongkan: Enjoy your life and be open to everything around you.

    Phillips: Could you touch upon the though behind the current composition, and how this relates to the work's title? Is this related to the two characters gazing into each other's eyes?


    Gongkan: This model portrays human relationships in various ways, which are undefinable in today's modern world. The picture is shown through the connection of two people staring at each other, in the realm of colors and different dimensions with boundless movement.

    Phillips: The pools of dots against the blue background is quite mesmerising, could you elaborate on what these represent, and your reason behind selecting this colour palette?


    Gongkan: The variety of colors expresses diverse emotions and boundless thoughts. It is the freedom to be anything, a bright and vibrant beauty.


    Phillips would like to thank Gongkan for this interview.


    The present lot is a remarkable example of Gongkan’s mastery in creating intricate visual narratives that encapsulate his personal experiences of alienation and the universal desire for connection. The painting is imbued with vibrant hues, where colourful ovals float against a dark backdrop symbolising the contrasting emotions of isolation and hope. These oval ‘holes’ are emblematic of Gongkan’s ‘Teleport concept - portals offering escape and freedom from societal constraints. The central figures are rendered with graphic flat strokes, their silhouettes echoing the surrealistic quality that defines Gongkan’s oeuvre. The figures appear to be reaching out towards one another, evoking a sense of curiosity and longing.




    Gongkan, The Escape, 200 x 300 cm, 78 ¾ x 118 1/8 in
    Image: Courtesy of the artist‘s Instagram


    Gongkan believes that freedom stems from a free heart, which is when one gets to think or dream about becoming something greater. However, he also acknowledges the challenges and limitations imposed by society and the process of growing up. Through his art, he seeks to voice his thoughts and express himself, as well as to inspire others to do the same.

    Installation view of the present work shown at Gongkan: For Someone Who Hates The Rainbow, 9 September – 10 October 2022, Over the Influence, Paris
    Image: Courtesy of the gallery’s Instagram

    Kantapon Metheekul, professionally known as Gongkan, is a Thai artist born in 1989 in Bangkok, where he currently lives and works. He pursued his education at the Silpakorn University in Bangkok, graduating from the School of Arts, and later from the Faculty of Decorative Arts in 2011. After his education, Gongkan had a successful career in advertising and graphic design. Seeking to further his knowledge and skills, Gongkan moved to New York City, where he spent three years studying Fine Art, with a focus on painting. It was in New York that he conceptualised ‘Teleport Art,’ a unique form of art that gained recognition for its surreal depiction of individuals emerging and disappearing from black portals, symbolising travel through multiple dimensions. His recent solo exhibitions include: Monsters in You, Gongkan, Over The Influence, Paris, 2023; Gongkan: Public but Private, Tang Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2023; Gongkan: Inner Place, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2022; Gongkan: For Someone Who Hates The Rainbow, Over the Influence, Paris, 2022; Introspection: Gongkan Solo Exhibition, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand, 2021; Tip of the Iceberg, Over the Influence, Los Angeles, 2021. Upcoming exhibition: the artist will have his first museum appearance at Mango Art Museum, Changsha, China in April 2024. The artist has had collaborations with DDT Store, Casetify, and Lomography



    Gongkan, quoted in ‘Thanarat Asvasirayothin in Conversation with Thai Contemporary Artist, Gongkan’, MADE IN BED magazine, July 2022.

    • Provenance

      Over the Influence, Paris
      Acquired from the above by the present owner

    • Exhibited

      Paris, Over The Influence Gallery, For Someone Who Hates The Rainbow, 9 September - 10 October, 2022


Through the Eyes

signed and dated 'Gongkan 2022' lower right
acrylic on canvas
100 x 150 cm. (39 3/8 x 59 in.)
Painted in 2022.

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