An 'Ashoka' Diamond and Diamond Ring

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  • Condition Report

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    • One Ashoka-cut diamond, 10.05 carats

    • Gallery and shank set with tiny brilliant-cut diamonds

    • Platinum

    • Size 6

    (10.05-carat Diamond)
    GIA report, numbered 5151251661, dated 17 January 2018, G colour, VVS1 clarity.

    附 美國GIA證書

  • Catalogue Essay

    With an exclusive diamond cutting comes a famed legacy – Ashoka the Great of the Indian Mauryan Empire was the ruler of one of the world’s largest empires at the time and a propagator of Buddhism. After years of battles, the ruler was sickened by the slaughter of war. He found peace in the practice of Buddhist teachings and announced that the religion would become national. The myth goes that diamonds which were found in the ancient city of Golconda in India had the power to banish sorrows. When a 41.37-carat diamond appeared before him, he decided to christen it ‘Ashoka’ as a notion of enlightenment.
    This story of benevolence and generosity has inspired a cutting that resembles a long cushion shape, consisting of a total of 62 facets – four more than a standard round – and is patented by William Goldberg. An extra-long rough is a requisite for such a rare cutting and fewer than one in five stones would meet this requirement. Its shape and numerous facets also afford it sensational radiance and a larger look. According to Goldberg who perfected this unique cutting, it takes up to six months for completing a single stone, and the annual production is extremely scarce. Such an example of over 10 carats is undeniably one of the most unusual and stunning diamonds available in the market today.

  • Catalogue Essay

    這個關於仁愛和美德的故事後來發展為Ashoka鑽石切割的靈感源泉。Ashoka的形狀像一個長長的古墊形,共有62個切面(比一般現代的圓鑽多出四個切面),並已經由William Goldberg取得專利。Ashoka因為形狀獨特,在原石方面的要求也特別嚴謹,平均只有五分之一的原石備有被切成Ashoka的潛質。一般的Ashoka會比同等重量的鑽石看起來更大,而且因為切面數目夠多,火彩亦更為突出。據Goldberg所說,打造一顆完美的Ashoka需花上達六個月的時間,其年產量也理所當然地變得非常低。當中超過10克拉的Ashoka無疑是罕有至極,一石難求,在公開市場上出現的機會亦微乎其微,此拍品就是如此精彩難逢的一顆絶色美鑽。


An 'Ashoka' Diamond and Diamond Ring

10.05克拉 G/VVS1「Ashoka」鑽石戒指

HK$2,500,000 - 2,800,000 

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Terry Chu
Head of Jewellery, Asia, Senior Director
+852 2318 2038

Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 27 May 2019