A Fine Pair of Sapphire and Diamond Ear-clips

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    • Two cushion-shaped sapphires, 12.06 and 10.82 carats

    • Surrounded by oval diamonds, totalling approximately 3.50 carats

    • Platinum

    (12.06- and 10.82-carat Sapphires)
    SSEF report, numbered 89763, dated 23 January 2017, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), no indications of heating.
    AGL report, numbered CS 1078388 A ans B, dated 6 September 2016, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), no gemological evidence of heat and clarity enhancement.

    (12.06-carat Sapphire)
    GRS report, numbered GRS2013-042573, dated 10 April 2013, Sri Lanka, no indications of thermal treatment, GRS type 'royal blue'.

    附 瑞士SSEF、美國AGL 及 一張寶石鑑定證書

  • Catalogue Essay

    Corundum, particularly blue sapphire, were mined and traded as early as 300 BC for its covetable colour and remarkable size. Indeed, many of the most beautiful translucent blue gems of significant sizes originated from Sri Lanka, such as the 423-carat Logan Sapphire on display in the Smithsonian Institution, as well as the recently certified 331-carat treasure once owned by Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.
    In October 2003, blue sapphire was declared the national gemstone of Sri Lanka, a nod to the significance of this gemstone in the history and culture of the country. The finest Sri Lankan specimen glows with a medium to bright blue colour, sometimes with a tint of purple. Prized also by connoisseurs for exceptional clarity which affords them a vivid and arresting charm, the most superb Sri Lankan sapphires possess a saturation that is comparable to that of a Burmese specimen, nonetheless a lot cleaner, and more impressive in size. However, like sapphires from other existing origins, over 90% of the Sri Lankan blue corundums are subjected to heat treatment --- the rarity of unheated natural sapphires requires no further explanation. In truth, superior unheated Sri Lankan sapphires are highly collectible and extremely hard to come by in the market. This is a known fact that no aficionado would deny.
    In this sale, we are proud to offer exceptional samples of these rare azure treasures for the absolute sapphire-lovers. Designed as a ring deluxe, a 26.24-carat sapphire is lavishly set with diamonds by legendary French jeweller Alexandre Reza (Lot 620); just as unusual is this pair of matching Sri Lankan sapphires which exhibits a vibrant saturated pure blue colour; also on offer is a ring by Van Cleef & Arpels (Lot 626) championing an oval sapphire of over 10 carats that hails from the same source.

  • Catalogue Essay



    這次的春拍我們為大家搜羅了一系列品質出眾的斯里蘭卡藍寶石珠寶,包括鑲嵌了一顆26.24克拉斯里蘭卡藍寶的鑽戒(拍品620),奢華的戒台來自法國傳奇設計師及珠寶商Alexandre Reza;此對集合兩顆重逾22克拉斯里蘭卡藍寶的耳環亦是藍彩艷麗,令人一見傾心;喜歡法國梵克雅寶出品的藏家也可以在另一枚戒指(拍品626)上欣賞到大師所精心挑選的湛藍寶石,同樣是來自斯里蘭卡的瑰麗寶物。


A Fine Pair of Sapphire and Diamond Ear-clips

12.06及10.82克拉「斯里蘭卡」天然藍寶石 配 鑽石耳環, 藍寶石未經加熱或淨度處理

HK$3,200,000 - 3,600,000 

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Terry Chu
Head of Jewellery, Asia, Senior Director
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Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 27 May 2019