A Rare and Exceptional Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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    • One cushion-shaped padparadscha sapphire, 18.13 carats

    • Surrounded by variously-shaped diamonds, totalling approximately 11.90 carats

    • Diamond-set split shank

    • 18 karat white and yellow gold

    • Size 6

    (18.13-carat Padparadscha Sapphire)
    SSEF report, numbered 10515, dated 22 February 2019, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), no indications of heating.
    SSEF appendix letter states that the padparadscha sapphire 'exhibits a remarkable size.....The attractive colour of this padparadscha is characterised by a vivid pinkish orange, further pronounced by the excellent purity and the well-proportioned cutting style......A natural padparadscha from Ceylon of this size and quality can be considered rare and exceptional.'

    附 瑞士SSEF 證書及Appendix

  • Catalogue Essay

    Very few people know that padparadscha belongs to the same corundum family where blue sapphires and rubies are from. Apart from ruby, Padparadscha is the only member who has its own designated name where ‘padma’ translates to a lotus flower species from Sinhalese. This petals of this flower display both orange and pink colours, this is also what makes padparadscha a singular gemstone of unique charm – its colour ranges from light to medium tones of pinkish orange to orange pink hues.
    For a gemstone to achieve this delicate balance of hues, both the chemical elements present and its cutting plays a vital role. This spectacular specimen of close to 20 carats is one that represents such a rare accomplishment. Also free from heat treatment which is common among corundum, this padparadscha sapphire from Sri Lanka is imbued with a natural pinkish orange glow. The ring is also carefully designed to keep the metal at a minimum, allowing diamonds to float around the ‘padma’ like lotus leaves in water, heightening its ethereal beauty.

  • Catalogue Essay



A Rare and Exceptional Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Ring

18.13克拉「斯里蘭卡」天然橙粉紅色剛玉 配 鑽石戒指, 剛玉未經加熱處理

HK$1,900,000 - 2,400,000 

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Hong Kong Auction 27 May 2019