A Distinctive Jadeite, Lavender Jadeite and Diamond Pendant Necklace

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    • One pear-shaped jadeite cabochon inlay in the centre, measuring approximately 30.72 x 14.88 x 7.17mm

    • One lavender jadeite intaglio, measuring approximately 46.23 x 29.21 x 12.65mm

    • Embellished by brilliant-cut diamonds, accented with a yellow diamond in the surmount, together 5.35 carats

    • 18 karat white and pink gold

    • Maximum length approximately 620mm

    (Jadeite Cabochon and Lavender Jadeite Intaglio)
    Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory report, numbered KJ99812 - 1 and 2, dated 28 February 2019, Type A jadeites, natural colour without any resin.

    附 香港玉石鑑定中心證書

  • Catalogue Essay

    Among all the colours found in natural jadeites, the most prized is green, followed by purple lavender which symbolizes elegance. These two colours happen to complement each other very well and is a popular chromatic combination in jadeite jewellery. A lavender jadeite gourd ring (Lot 602) offered in this sale is another perfect example. This special pendant, however, distinguishes itself by its clever and unusual design.
    A lavender jadeite boulder was carefully selected and fashioned into a pear-shaped cabochon that weighed 186.00 carats, then a portion of this cabochon was meticulously carved out to house another green jadeite of similar form and shape. The time, manpower and quality jadeite material invested into this masterpiece is indeed substantial and significant. Embedded in warm lavender colour, the jadeite double cabochon glows with an excellent translucency characteristic of superb Burmese specimen, exuding the vivacious spirit of spring season.

  • Catalogue Essay

    設計師以一顆厚重的紫羅蘭翡翠作基底,先選取合適的原石,打磨成梨形素面紫翠,再除去中心部分,以便將另一顆打磨完成的綠翠穩藏其中。過程中,紫翠的重量由原來愈 186克拉,大減至142.55克拉,可謂耗費不少人力物力。


A Distinctive Jadeite, Lavender Jadeite and Diamond Pendant Necklace


HK$720,000 - 950,000 

sold for HK$837,500

Contact Specialist
Terry Chu
Head of Jewellery, Asia, Senior Director
+852 2318 2038

Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 27 May 2019