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  • Catalogue Essay

    Greg Lynn’s work has straddled the line between design, art and architecture for years.  With degrees in Architecture and Philosophy from Miami University and a Master of Architecture from Princeton, Lynn has been a leading proponent of computer-aided design to produce irregular, biomorphic architectural forms resulting from the integration of calculus into architectural theory.  He has written extensively on these theories in publications such as his first book, Animate Form, from 1999.  Lynn’s architectural practice, FORM, is located in Venice, California.
    The ‘Blobwall’ challenges the basic building blocks of architecture by incorporating biomorphic modules which uniquely interlock, making each wall different from the next.  The wall also utilizes his discovery that some biomorphic forms are inherently resistant to load.  FORM has experimented with five initial prototype shapes, including the igloo, s-curve and u-curve, and the possibilities within these shapes are also highly variable.  The modular structure is a result of collaboration with Panelite, an architectural materials company.  FORM had had the 'Blob' software for some time, but the ‘Blobwall’ was not able to be fully realized until the partnership with Panelite.  Each of the ‘Blob’ units is custom-shaped using a 3D robotic arm developed by the Los Angeles firm Machineous which creates individual, tri-lobed, hollow forms.


Unique ‘Blobwall’

Low-density, recyclable and impact-resistant polymer. 
217.2 x 373.4 x 121.9 cm. (85 1/2 x 147 x 48 in.)
Polymer produced by Panelite, USA.

£14,000 - 17,000 

Sold for £23,750


25 Sept 2008, 2pm