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  • Literature

    Mel Byars, New Chairs: Design, Technology and Materials, London and San Francisco, 2005, pp. 30-31

  • Catalogue Essay

    The ‘Sinterchair’ is an exploration into the tradition of custom-made furniture wherein one’s specific requests according to their personal taste and requirements are converted into a one-off design produced in under 24 hours.  This process is possible with the advent of ‘sintering’ wherein a laser cutting machine is used on a single material, a technique formerly employed exclusively by designers for building car and aviation prototypes.  In the instance of the ‘Sinterchair’, the process begins with a questionnaire to determine the user’s tastes in subjects such as music, movies, literature or philosophy, and this data is then used as a variable in the basic honeycomb structural framework of the chair.  The sole material of the chair is nylon, which is applied as a powder in fine layers.  A computerized laser then traces the outline specified by the client’s personal data into the powder, defining and hardening the shape layer by layer.  The closely packed nylon powder transforms into the solid form of the ‘Sinterchair’ in just a matter of hours, negating the need for storage, distribution, model and tool costs. 


Prototype ‘Sinterchair®’, version 1.1

Selective laser-sintered nylon. 
77.5 cm. (30 1/2 in.) high
Produced for Vogt + Weizenegger, Germany.  Back leg moulded ‘SINTERCHAIR #1.1 NEUE SAMMLUNG’.

£5,000 - 8,000 

Sold for £6,250


25 Sept 2008, 2pm