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    • - One brilliant-cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond, 3.01 carats
      - 18K gold
      - Ring size 6

      GIA Report: Fancy Vivid Yellow colour, VS2 clarity

    GIA Report: Fancy Vivid Yellow colour, VS2 clarity


  • Catalogue Essay

    Coloured diamonds are graded in order of increasing colour strength, from Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light and Fancy to Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid. The colour description that GIA affords diamonds on grading reports is based on the hue, tone and on the saturation of that hue. For these coloured diamonds which can occur in a broad range of tone and saturation, a more vibrant colour typically means higher value. As Fancy Vivid is the highest grading for a coloured diamond, this Fancy Vivid Yellow possesses the top colour of yellow diamonds with the strongest saturation.

    Coloured diamonds are usually cut to maximize the intensity of their colour rather than to maximize light return. The best cut is one that gives the most attractive face-up colour. As coloured diamonds are graded in the face-up position, the overall blend of factors, including areas of brightness, windowing and/or extinction is taken into consideration when determining what cut would suit the diamond best, whilst maintaining the colour saturation and an even colour distribution. A GIA diamond certificate will specify 'even' or 'uneven' according to the percentage of the colour distribution.

    The round brilliant-cut is one of the rarest shapes for coloured diamonds, as they are usually fashioned to best maximize the weight of the often irregular-shaped rough. Whilst the round brilliant cut is the most popular cut among colourless diamonds as it maximises their brilliance. However, due to the high levels of wastage, it is rare to see a significant coloured diamond cut in this way. Therefore, it is very rare to find a fancy coloured diamond successfully cut into a round brilliant while still showcasing the highest strength of colour.

    彩色鑽石的等級根據成色濃度劃分,色澤由淺至深,可分為微(Faint)、極淡(Very Light)、淡(Light)、淡彩(Fancy Light)、彩(Fancy)、濃彩(Fancy Intense)、艷彩(Fancy Vivid)、暗彩(Fancy Dark)和深彩(Fancy Deep)。美國寶石學院(GIA)鑽石評級報告對彩鑽的等級描述,取決於鑽石的色調、色相與色彩飽和度。彩鑽的成色與濃度變化萬千,一般而言,鑽石的顏色越鮮艷,價值越高。「艷彩」為彩色鑽石的最高成色等級,這顆艷彩黃色鑽石呈黃色鑽石的頂級成色,具最高飽和度,可見本品彌足珍貴。




A Coloured Diamond Ring

- One brilliant-cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond, 3.01 carats
- 18K gold
- Ring size 6

GIA Report: Fancy Vivid Yellow colour, VS2 clarity

HK$1,100,000 - 2,200,000 

Sold for HK$1,260,000

Contact Specialist

Charlene Lau
Head of Jewels, Hong Kong
+852 2318 2039
[email protected]

Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 23 June 2022