Sergej Jensen - Contemporary Art & Design Evening Sale New York Thursday, March 6, 2014 | Phillips
  • Provenance

    Galerie Neu, Berlin

  • Exhibited

    Malmö, Konsthall Malmö, Sergej Jensen, September 4 – November 2, 2008

  • Catalogue Essay

    “I think, there can be some kind of beauty even in the most damaged or strange way, because it’s like some kind of foating.” - Sergej Jensen

    The Danish-born, Berlin-based artist Sergej Jensen is a contemporary artist who embraces all materials to create subtle and stunning works. He establishes his pieces from any number of different textile sources including linen, burlap, silk, wool and cashmere. The natural textures and blemishes in the textiles are accepted by Jensen, he often highlights them as instinctive elements of the work. Jensen’s practice includes a multitude of techniques; he sews cloth together, bleaches, dyes and distresses in order to create, as he explains “painting without paint.” In the present lot, brown denim and leather is pieced together upon a natural canvas backdrop, forming lines of varying lengths that radiate outwards from the center of the composition. The different bits of brown material range in tonal quality causing them to emanate outward with a sense of undulating momentum. In the present lot material is applied rather than removed, “Jensen also uses sewing not simply to repair but to make; loose ends of various fabrics and remnants are saved and stitched together into whole cloth again.” (P. Eleey, “Regression Tourism,” Sergei Jensen, Berlin: Distanz, 2011, p. 15) As part of Jensen’s artistic practice he approaches each canvas in a distinctly different, unconventional manner. His work, weather appliquéd with minimal bits of material or bleached and ripped never conveys a sense of melancholy. “They draw attention to the choices we make, and how we frame then for ourselves….Absence is acknowledged without being mourned.” (P. Eleey, “Regression Tourism,” Sergei Jensen, Berlin: Distanz, 2011, p. 15)



denim, leather on canvas
62 7/8 x 82 7/8 in. x (159.7 x 210.5 cm.)

$70,000 - 90,000 

Sold for $87,500

Contact Specialist
Zach Miner, Contemporary
Head of Sale
+1 212 940 1256

Alex Heminway, Design
+ 1 212 940 1268

Contemporary Art & Design Evening Sale

New York Evening Sale 6 March 2014 7pm