Green Seed for the World (Wall E)

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    Ronald Apriyan’s Green Seed for the World (Wall E), created exclusively for Phillips’ Online Sale, is an exciting work to introduce the artist in their debut at an international auction platform. Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the contemporary visual artist draws inspiration from his ever-changing hometown surroundings to form the basis of his practice. Reminiscing on simpler times before the landscape of Yogyakarta underwent rapid urbanization; Apriyan’s playful works emanate a sense of nostalgia through their innocent, childlike motifs. Composed in graphic realism with gestural brushwork of vibrant graffiti-like colours, the present lot depicts animated icon WALL-E holding a small sprouting plant. WALL-E’s plot follows the last remaining robot who was sent by humans to clear the excesses of trash over-populating the earth. Ultimately, the plant WALL-E loyally protects is what restores the environment and thus reintroduces civilization once again. In depicting the character of WALL-E, the present lot conveys to the viewer a powerful sense of hope.

    Apriyan’s work has been exhibited nationally in Indonesia, as well as at international venues. Most recently, Apriyan presented a solo-show at Element Art Space in Singapore (2018).

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    羅納爾 ·阿普裡揚為富藝斯(線上拍賣)所專門創作的《給世界的綠色種子(Wall E)》,作為一件令人激動的作品,將藝術家首次推介到國際拍賣平台上。居住在印尼的日惹,這位當代視覺藝術家從他家鄉不斷變幻的環境中汲取靈感,來形成其創作的基礎。回憶日惹在經歷迅猛的城市化過程之前的簡單日子,阿普裡揚俏皮的作品通過天真、童趣的圖案,散發著一種懷舊的情緒。以生動的塗鴉般色彩的筆法來進行圖形逼真的構圖,本拍品描繪了著名的動畫人物WALL-E手持一株小小的萌芽中的植物。WALL-E的故事情節講述的是唯一餘留的一台機器人被人類送到地球上去對垃圾堆積成患的地球進行清理作業。最終,WALL-E忠實保護著的那株植物修復了環境,並因此重新引入文明。本拍品通過對WALL-E這個人物的描繪來向觀者傳達了強烈的希望感。

    阿普裡揚的作品在印尼本土以及國際上的各個展覽中展出。最近,阿普裡揚在新加坡的Element Art Space(2018年)舉辦了其個人展覽。

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Green Seed for the World (Wall E)

signed dated and titled 'RNL 2019 WALL E' lower left and right respectively
acrylic on canvas
70 x 70 cm. (27 1/2 x 27 1/2 in.)
Painted in 2019, this work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the artist.

HK$8,000 - 12,000 

Please note that once you've placed your bid,
it cannot be cancelled.

Contact Specialist

Delissa Putri Handoko
Head of Sale, 20th Century & Contemporary Art


Online Auction 9-18 October 2019