Jewels & Jadeite Hong Kong Wednesday, July 8, 2020 | Phillips
    • Head set with a free-form opal slice, with a sapphire-set decoration

    • Body set with circular-cut red spinels

    • Head and tail highlighted by tiny brilliant-cut diamonds

    • 18 karat pink gold

  • Catalogue Essay

    Precious opals show a play-of-colour when tiny spheres of amorphous silica diffract the passing light into its component colours. Among all the rainbow colours, red and orange are considered the most valuable, as seen on this brooch. Only when the spheres are arranged in a regular and repetitive pattern will the play-of-colour be evident. For the rarer red colour to appear, spheres has to be larger than the usual 150nm, but not more than 350nm. The more uniform the size of the spheres, the more intense, brilliant and defined the colour will be.


A Opal, Gem-set and Diamond 'Fish' Brooch, Stewart Young

HK$60,000 - 80,000 

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Jewels & Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 8 July 2020