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Swiss   •  b. 1822


The firm Bovet 1822 has a rich, centuries-long history beginning when Edouard Bovet sold four decorative pocket watches in Canton Asia for what would today equal $1 million. By 1822, Edouard, with his brothers, registered the company in London, which at the time was an important center for watches and clocks. That same year, they moved their manufacturing center to the Swiss municipality Fleurier. Bovet became known for their highly decorative pocket watches for the Chinese market. Their richly engraved movements were so important to the watch that Bovet created the concept of the transparent watch back so owners could see the beauty of the movement. Bovet's oversized chronograph wristwatches, such as the Mono Rattrapante chronograph, are especially sought-after. Today, the firm continues their tradition of exquisitely enameled watches.


  • Bovet was the nineteenth century market leader in China, with pocket watches featuring beautifully embellished cases and movements.

  • Bovet's oversized chronograph wristwatches from the mid-twenieth century are especially sought-after.

  • Today, Bovet is privately owned by Pascal Raffy and specializes in exquisitely enameled watches.

"Bovet is best known for their highly decorative pocket watches for the Chinese market."

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