It's an Editions Specialist Pick-Nic

It's an Editions Specialist Pick-Nic

Join Phillips' London Editions team in the park for an afternoon spot of snacks, drinks, and the tempting works on offer in our 21-22 September live auctions.

Join Phillips' London Editions team in the park for an afternoon spot of snacks, drinks, and the tempting works on offer in our 21-22 September live auctions.

Roy LichtensteinStill Life with Portrait, from Six Still LIfes Series, 1974. Evening & Day Editions, London.


Anne Schneider-Wilson, Senior International Specialist

One apple, five cherries, two lemons: it’s Girl Dinner! Who needs a picnic in a park, when I can nibble on shiny red fruits in the sanctity of my boudoir. Lichtenstein perfectly employs graphic outlines and white spaces to create a cartoonish still life that will never decay. My portrait in the attic and the apple that never rots!


Louisa Earl, Associate Specialist

David Hockney, Hotel Acatlán: Second Day, from Moving Focus, 1984-85. David Hockney, London.  

A summer breeze rustles the trees.

The grass prickles but puts you at ease.

Lie down, stretch out, the shade awaits.

Take a break while the sun abates.

The hotel staff will bring the snacks.

There’s much to be found in the picnic pack.

No need to rush, the cocktails will follow.

Tequila or rum, any color of the rainbow.


Rebecca Tooby-Desmond, Specialist, Head of Sale

Thierry Noir, Fast Form Manifest (Yellow), 2016. Evening & Day Editions, London.

“Hey I’m here, whereabouts are you? Behind the big tree, near the ice-cream hut? Umm… I can’t see you, which direction from the entrance? North? I don’t know where North is. I’m going uphill if that counts? Ugh this brie is seriously stinking out my tote bag. You’re near the guy playing guitar? Why?! There’s like a thousand people here, where are you? Drop me a pin! Okay I think I see you, oh no wait that’s another group. Can one of you stand up? Is that you waving? I’m near the fork in the path that leads to the zoo. What do you mean, the zoo? Wait. You’re in Hyde Park?! … I’m opening the rosé.”


Christian Rosolino, Administrator

Clockwise from top left: David Hockney, Above and Beyond, from Some More New Prints, 1993. David Hockney, The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven) – 25 February 2011, David HockneySelf-Portrait, July 1986, 1986. David HockneyMade in April, plate 11 from The Blue Guitar, 1976-77. David Hockney, FIsh and Chip Shop, 1954. David HockneyPool Made with Paper and Blue Ink for Book, from Paper Pools, 1980. David Hockney, London

As I look outside my window, all I see is grey

This summer dragging on day after day

I’ve dreamt of spring arriving, becoming summer

Yet the weather keeps on being a bummer

I’ve dreamt of fish and chips while sat in the park

Of going swimming until it’s dark

I’ve dreamt of playing my blue guitar

So people can hear me from afar

Alas in this dreary season of ‘23

I must find my summer through David Hockney


Grace Brown, Cataloguer

Nicolas PartyTrees, 2020. Evening & Day Editions, London.

If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise,

If you go down in the woods today, it's sure to delight your eyes,

For every print-geek that ever there was

Will gather there for certain because

Today's the day the Editions team have their picnic!


Georgie Byworth-Morgan, Associate Researcher

Rachel Whiteread, Cup and Saucer and Cutlery2008. Evening & Day Editions, London

Time for tiny tea! Although Rachel Whiteread is known for her monumental casts of houses, libraries and staircases, it is her miniature cup, saucer, and cutlery that I’ll be bringing to the Editions picnic. Hand-painted in a style reminiscent of dolls house toys, these small-scale casts evoke the cottage core aesthetic ideal for any summer party, especially Grace’s teddy-bear picnic!


Robert Kennan, Head of Editions

Clockwise from top: Pablo Picasso, Femme au fauteuil (Woman in Armchair), 1922-23. GaHee ParkTipsy Lovers, 2021. David Hockney, FIsh and Chip Shop, 1954. After Jean-Michel BasquiatA Panel of Experts, from Superhero Portfolio, 1982-87/2022. Roy Lichtenstein, Paper Plates, 1969. David HockneyOlympische Spiele München (Olympic Games Munich), 1972. Evening & Day Editions, London and David Hockney, London

Pool party, you’re all invited…

GaHee, darling, did you guys finish off all the booze?! Get a case…

Roy, don’t forget those paper plates

Pablo, put that etching down, bring the goats cheese, Lois will take care of the printing

Jean-Michel, be an absolute superhero, bring a trestle table

Mr H., dripping ’n’ scraps are so Bradford…



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