Property of an International Collector, Curated by Joseph Dirand

Design, New York

7 December 2021

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About the Collection

Phillips is proud to offer a special selection of works from the collection of an esteemed private collector, curated by the celebrated architect and designer Joseph Dirand. Nearly twenty lots will be showcased in the New York Design auction on 7 December, including a selection of exceedingly rare examples of iconic forms by the most collectible architects, designers, and makers of postwar France.

Dirand worked closely with this collector over two decades to assemble a collection which was employed in a variety of residences internationally. Featuring exceptional works by Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, and Jean Royère, the group reflects the distinct vision of both the collector and Dirand.

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Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirand: Timeless

The French architect and designer speaks with Phillips about French postwar pieces and the project that inspired his practice.

PHILLIPS: When you approach a project, what guides you?

JOSEPH DIRAND: Things like the context, the location, the client, and the dimensions of the project itself. Each project is an opportunity to create something unique that is defined by those elements.

P: What is most important to you when creating a space?

JD: To feel a sense of place – whether it’s working in different countries, or if it’s a city or natural environment, it’s the place that translates where you are and how you’re supposed to live in a given space. I work in the context of that place to guide the approach in terms of style and lifestyle.

P: In that context, how do you approach materials and texture? Which are you most drawn to?

JD: I don’t have a specific recipe, but I am very attached to craftsmanship and natural materials. I work a lot with stone or marble or wood, but I love the idea of natural materials that the craftsmen who work with us transform; that they transform what nature has given us.

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