Tauba Auerbach - Contemporary Art Evening Sale New York Thursday, November 13, 2014 | Phillips
  • Provenance

    Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

  • Exhibited

    New York, Paula Cooper Gallery, Tauba Auerbach: Float, May 5 - June 9, 2012

  • Catalogue Essay

    “The entire point of making art, to me, is newness and to expand your mind, even in some tiny way.” Tauba Auerbach

    “As creatures that operate in three dimensions, what capacity do we have to conceive of a dimension that's beyond, or even coiled within, the space that we experience?” Tauba Auerbach, 2012

    Through the subtleties of painting and material, Tauba Auerbach has achieved new spectral and dimensional richness, challenging and surpassing the limits of perception. In Ray I, from 2012 strips of unprimed canvas are woven together meticulously to create an undulating and rhythmic pattern of material normally relegated to flatness. Through the breaking down and tearing a part of the prosaic cotton material, we
    enter new visual and poetic possibilities. Like her acclaimed Fold paintings, Auerbach employs a traditionally feminine task, that of weaving, to shift both our historical and visual perceptions. A subtle topography of brilliant white emerges from this monochromatic work, shifting our sense of relief, recess, continuity, and rupture. In Ray I Auerbach deconstructs perceived significance, and reassembles its elements in an entirely new vision.

    In this series of Weave paintings, monochromatic strips of white canvas are tightly threaded across a wooden frame. However, instead of quilting together a perfect and orderly surface, the weave is disrupted by rays and sliced of deviating patterns, preventing the surface from resolving into a basic and simplistic grid. Through this perfect chaos, the very boundaries between two and three dimensions are collapsed. Logic is defied and replaced by a beautiful multifarious alternative where flat becomes voluminous, straight becomes curved, and order becomes magnificent disorder. “You're right that the "Weave" and "Fold" paintings have a teeter-tottering quality: they oscillate between being flat surfaces and 3D objects. My thought was that if the work could soften the distinction between 2D and 3D states of being, it could efface, or at least imply the possibility of effacing, a similar distinction between 3D and beyond. Like a portal through which one might think about these things. I guess the attraction stems from a kind of faith that something beyond what is perceptible exists and can be imagined, even if it can't be experienced.” (Tauba Auerbach in Tauba Auerbach’s Peripheral Visions, Courtney Fiske, “Art in America,” June 21, 2012)


Ray I

woven canvas on wooden stretcher
72 x 54 in. (182.9 x 137.2 cm)
Signed and dated "TAUBA AUERBACH 2012" on the reverse stretcher bar.

$400,000 - 600,000 

Sold for $545,000

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Contemporary Art Evening Sale

New York Auction 13 November 2014 7pm