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  • Established in 1806, later credited as being the "Founder of Savile Row", and tailor of Winston Churchill’s pinstripe three-piece suit and Buckingham Palace’s Livery, Henry Poole & Co is one of the most famous tailors on London’s iconic Savile Row.


    Experience the process of constructing a suit from start to finish and explore the remarkable history of this tailor in a personal, private tour of Henry Poole & Co’s showroom, workshops and archives on Savile Row, led by owner Simon Cundey.


    This is a rare opportunity for behind-the-scenes access into a fascinating process. A Henry Poole & Co suit is pure bespoke: measured, cut, fitted, sewn and finished entirely by hand in a process that involves three fittings and over 60 hours of crafting.


    You will also learn, first-hand, about the fascinating histories that have led Henry Poole & Co to become so legendary – including how the Henry Poole & Co dinner jacket came to be known as a Tuxedo in America in the 19th Century and how the company received the Royal Warrant in 1869. 



    Henry Poole & Co’s famous customers include Napoleon III, Edward VII, Charles Dickens, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, Sir Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, J.P. Morgan and Emperor Hirohito of Japan.



    The winning bidder of this experience will receive:


    •  A personal visit to Henry Poole & Co on Savile Row, given by the owner Simon Cundey for you and five guests (subject to social distancing rules)


    •  A book about the History of Henry Poole & Co by James Sherwood


    Terms and conditions: This experience is eligible for the winning bidder and five guests, COVID-restrictions and social distancing permitting. The experience is redeemable for 12 months, from April 2021 to April 2022. Whitechapel will put the winning bidder in touch with Henry Poole directly to arrange the tour.  


Experience an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of one of London’s most famous Savile Row Tailors Henry Poole & Co with the owner Simon Cundey

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£2,000 - 3,000 


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Whitechapel Gallery Art Icon Charity Auction

Online Auction 15 - 23 March 2021