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  • Provenance

    Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin

  • Catalogue Essay

    In Untitled (Otto Freundlich mystic jogging), Anselm Reyle pays tribute to one of Abstraction’s unsung heroes. Reworking the fractured aesthetic of Freundlich’s paintings, Reyle’s mixed media on canvas convey a kaleidoscope effect, with different patches of colours symbolizing different emotions, from happiness to sadness, elation to mourning. The medley of bright hues, in various hard-edged, straight-lined geometric shapes and forms, composed in a collage technique, encapsulates a strong sense of celebration and optimism. Reyle is one of few German contemporary painters to examine the lessons of abstraction, as he constantly seeks to explore the notion of German culture and identity, by re-working and re-evaluating the primary surface of a painting that has become the predominant artistic style throughout his body of work.
    “I liked Otto Freundlich’s paintings already when I was a child. I think in his time his colourful abstract paintings were quite unusual. I work with the principal of his composition. So it’s a homage to him.” (The artist, in an interview with Alexander Tovborg, during the exhibition, Anselm Reyle: Valley of the Snake Ladies, Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen, 27 May – 24 June 2006)

Berlin Zeitgeist! A selection from the Adam Lindemann collection of contemporary German art


Untitled (Otto Freundlich mystic jogging)

Oil, acrylic, PVC foil, glass and mirror collage on canvas.
298.4 x 139.7 cm (117 1/2 x 55 in).
Signed and dated 'Anselm Reyle 2006' on the overlap.

£50,000 - 70,000 ‡ ♠

Contemporary Art Evening Sale

13 October 2010