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      The startling vivid blue to green of a gem Paraiba tourmaline is simply unforgettable. Unrivaled, its’ intensity and vibrance are uniquely captivating and forever imprinted in your mind. It is no wonder that remarkable gem specimens from Brazil cause a stir of interest amongst serious gem collectors and connoisseurs.

      Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines were discovered nearly three decades ago, at the Mina da Batalha a Nova Era or the Mine of the Battle of the New Era, which is in northeast part of the country, in the state of Paraiba, hence their name. While the land is harsh, supporting little agriculture it has been mined for decades as it is mineral rich. It was in August of 1988 when these electric blue tourmalines were first unexpectedly encountered. This discovery yielded some of the best gem quality neon-blue crystals but in limited quantity. While the gemstone tourmaline can be found in many colors, these rare Paraiba tourmalines owe their color to copper and manganese. With limited production, additional mining led to finds in the neighboring state of Rio Grande do Norte, with some success, although the intensity of the crystal was less. By the early 20th century, similar colored tourmalines were discovered first in Nigeria and then in Mozambique. The chemical differences between these origins is so slight, that determination requires quantitative chemical analysis. However, it is the Brazilian specimens that are considered the finest. It is even more rare to find a specimen of this origin that is free of inclusions with this level of color, saturation and clarity.

      As with any gem, color, clarity, cutting and brilliance contribute to creating the perfect specimen as exemplified by this rare 6.35 carat stone. Further, this gemstone has been spared any type of treatment, which is commonly employed to enhance the color through low temperature heating. Notably, only the very best examples are awarded the origin of Classic Brazil. Brazilian Paraiba are rarer than diamonds, only 1 is mined for every 10,000 diamonds, and stones more than 3 carats are rarely found. This is a true collector’s specimen.


A Rare Paraiba Tourmaline, Diamond and Platinum Ring

One pear modified brilliant-cut paraiba tourmaline, 6.35 carats
Round brilliant-cut diamonds, total 0.46 carat
Platinum, size 6

Full Cataloguing

$320,000 - 520,000 

Sold for $403,200

Contact Specialist

Susan Abeles
Head of Department, Americas and Senior International Specialist
New York
+1 212 940 1383


New York Auction 7 December 2020