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Taking from the tradition of gestural painting, Los Angeles-based artist Petra Cortright uses floral imagery to recreate Monet-type works on aluminum. But unlike those who preceded her, Cortright is digitally charged in her practice and renders analog images into "digital brushstrokes." She sources her images online and manipulates them in Photoshop in the hopes of constructing a palimpsestic sprawl. With the hint of glitch and a pinch of selfie culture, her work is self-reflexive in that it studies the progression of Abstract Expressionism into our current historical moment.

Cortright started her career by posting self-portrait videos taken by webcam to her own YouTube channel. The videos feature the artist scrolling through various recording effects.


  • In her multimedia practice, the artist explores concepts of gender, femininity and color theory.

  • In 2011, Cortright's self-portrait videos were removed from YouTube because of offensive language.

"I hate being dependent on one thing. As an artist there are always ways to accommodate your creativity — you just have to work it out."

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