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Ernesto Neto

Brazilian  •  b. 1964


Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto creates monumental installations and objects of diverse biomorphic shapes and forms that often occupy entire rooms. The works are primarily concerned with corporeality and visual seduction. Viewers are encouraged to participate with the works, and Neto engages the viewer's tactile and olfactory senses through different textures and scents, employing a myriad of synthetic non-traditional materials including nylon and polyamide fabrics, newspaper, nets and aromatic and boldly colored spices. Neto works around the space of the body, where the physical immersion into his works is like a continuation of his own body and mind.


  • Neto believes exhibitions are places of poetry and are to escape our daily routines.

  • In his works, Neto's use of crocheting — which he learned with his grandmother and great aunt — not only creates a specific aesthetic but conveys intimacy.

  • Neto's works are purposefully devoid of academic and social subtexts so that the viewer can interact with his art.

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