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Jean-Michel Frank

French  •  1895-1941


Working in Paris, New York and Argentina, Jean-Michel Frank designed subtle, exquisitely proportioned furniture and lighting for sophisticated interiors. His elite roster of patrons included the vicomte Charles de Noailles, the businessman and politician Nelson A. Rockefeller, the couturier Elsa Schiaparelli and the perfumer Guerlain, among many others. Against the backdrop of the interwar period, Frank designed calm, subdued interiors that offered refuge from the chaotic world. His furniture, which was often clad in vellum, bleached leather or shagreen, featured clean lines and served to complement the art collections of his clients, which included works by Picasso, Léger and Matisse.


  • Jean-Michel Frank often collaborated with artists such as Salvador Dalì and Alberto and Diego Giacometti.

"If there is one name that dominated the very last years before the war in interior design, it is indeed [Jean-Michel Frank]." –Jacques Lassaigne

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