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Swiss  •  b. 1997


The Swiss firm's name "Urwerk" is a play on the German word meaning clockwork. "Ur" is an ancient Sumerian city in which the populace used sundials for timekeeping, while "werk" is German for creation. The company started by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei is known for their innovative avant-garde designs inspired by space travel. With their own take on time indication, like many of their contemporaries, their futuristic timepieces are rooted in high-end traditional watchmaking. Their signature floating method of time indication using rotating satellites traces back to a watch made in 1656. Producing only 150 watches per year, they have impressed connoisseurs with their innovativeness and cutting-edge technical prowess.


  • Urwerk's EMC, introduced in 2013, was the world's first mechanical smartwatch integrating a battery-less microcomputer into a mechanical movement.

  • Urwerk partnered with Harry Winston to create the Opus 5, featuring its signature rotating hour satellites with a massive, retrograding minutes indicator.

"Urwerk, found by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, is admired for their innovative, avant-garde designs inspired by space travel."

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