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Alejandro Otero

Venezuelan  •  1921-1990


Alejandro Otero is an important figure in Venezuelan abstract and kinetic art. He studied and lived in France and returned to Venezuela during a significant moment when his country was undergoing modernization. During this time he participated in a large scale architectural project with renowned Venezuelan architect Raúl Villanueva that significantly informed his works. Primarily influenced by Piet Mondrian, his art denotes the notions of integration and architecture, as well as the continual experimentation with spatial and optical effects of line and color. His most important contribution to the field of painting is his series of Coloritmos (Colorythms), where he applies rhythm to color form, suggesting a subtle spatial ambiguity and insinuating a complex visual dance.


  • Otero traveled to the Netherlands to explore Piet Mondrian's work, which was fundamental in the development of his own works.

  • Before returning to Caracas, Otero had already produced an important series called Las Cafeteras (The Coffee Pots). This series helped trigger the emergence of modernist abstraction in Venezuela.

  • Otero also contributed important public works to the Ciudad Universitaria Project in Caracas, working alongside Hans Arp, Alexander Calder, Fernand Léger, Victor Vasarely and a group of other established Venezuelan modernists.

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