Sweet Jane in Fields of Daisies

Curated by Joan Tucker

7 September – 28 September 2021

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Phillips presents a unique multi-artist selling exhibition, Sweet Jane in Fields of Daisies, dedicated to an exciting group of female artists whose work addresses issues such as identity, gender and cultural histories. Explore the virtual exhibition below.

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About the Exhibition

Thoughtfully curated by collector Joan Tucker, these works serve as a visual commentary on the state of 21st century society. The inspiration for the title is threefold, referencing the iconic song by Velvet Underground, Sweet Jane, a work by John Giorno, and a powerful description of artist Lucia Love’s practice in a live interview.

The 19 works in the exhibition explore themes such as personal experience, identity, gender and cultural histories. The idea behind Lucia Love’s work Gigantic was to depict an effortless strength that relates to collective potential, and to explore how that value is falsely tied to an idealized masculinity regardless of author. Artist Hiejin Yoo takes inspiration from daily observations as recorded in her diary. Mundane events become large, semi-figurative oil paintings on canvas. The abstracted planes of colour and the richly layered marks evoke the subjectivity of a woman’s complex inner life. An essential figure in the Spanish feminist art scene, Ángeles Agrela’s portraits of women are characterised by masses of cascading hair that often hides the subject’s face. Raising issues of beauty, artifice, and erasure, they are a distinctly female depiction of the feminine in contemporary society. Technicolour tresses in bright blue, pink or russet red tones are braided into ‘veils,’ calling back to the symbolic significance of hair for women across many cultures. Ania Hobson is unafraid to capture the details of contemporary British life, never shying away from the realness of the people and places she sees around her, right down to the yellow lacing in a pair of Doc Marten boots.

These artists are rising stars on the cusp of international visibility and prominence. Their unfolding stories offer audiences varied and thought-provoking experiences, reflecting in their own distinct ways on the vagaries of contemporary life.

Sweet Jane

About the Curator

Collector Joan Tucker, originally from Los Angeles, is currently based in Hong Kong and Berlin. She is an expert in blue-chip contemporary and emerging art and has an impressive private collection consisting of both. Joan rose through various positions in the art world and is now an active champion of emerging talent. Her support and nurturing helps many up and coming artists to rise. She holds a BFA and a law degree.

Sweet Jane