Phillips X in collaboration with BLOOM Galerie proudly presents SOLUS BY HEBRU BRANTLEY, a private selling exhibition.

PHILLIPS X in collaboration with BLOOM Galerie is proud to present: SOLUS BY HEBRU BRANTLEY, a virtual private selling exhibition dedicated to the acclaimed Chicagoan artist and painter Hebru Brantley, who is best known for his unique approach to Afro-Futurism. The exhibition features over 26 works in different mediums to explore the artist’s unique approach to the human condition and the American experience. Visitors around the world will be able to browse exceptional pieces by Brantley with an exciting 360-degree immersive experience via a custom-built 3D virtual gallery.

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“Solus by definition means “alone or unaccompanied”. I think that is reflective of how people have felt over the past year. What some of the works do, like the Great Debate series - they are meant to pick different sides of the argument, representing the unwavering ideologies. Two sides of the same argument standing their ground firm and nobody wins. And it keeps the perpetual cycle going. A great deal of people also stand in the middle, and that can be lonely too. As a creative, I’ve had an opportunity to dig deeper during this time, and I try to stay optimistic as possible. So there’s also a positive intent…”

– Hebru Brantley

A Few Words from Hebru Brantley

Meet Hebru Brantley, the artist of the exhibition, briefly speaks about his philosophy and approach to his works.

Hebru Brantley

About the Artist

Hebru Brantley consistently explores complex ideas around nostalgia, the mental psyche, power, and hope. Majorly influenced by the South Side of Chicago's AfriCOBRA movement in the 1960s and 70s, and growing up during the 1990s graffiti scene, Brantley employs the history of mural and graffiti art as a frame to animate his own unique perception of dark fiction. Brantley's challenges the traditional view of the hero or protagonist - his character, Flyboy, was born from the notion of creating a set of characters within a canon that existed alongside Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Batman, through this concept of dark fiction. Brantley’s work and characters frequently explore American culture through a fun, afro-futuristic intent, projecting what will and what can be rather than what is, whilst celebrating the concept of the black leader. Flyboy and his universe, including characters Lil Mama and Phibby are often seen looking upward in heroic stances; they summon the viewer to optimism and hope.

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