27 August 2018

Phillips to Host Jewels Now – Ana Khouri  

this September in New York


Selling Exhibition at 450 Park Avenue

Dedicated to the Work of the Visionary Jewellery Designer


NEW YORK – 27 AUGUST 2018 – This September, Phillips will host Jewels Now – Ana Khouri, the first exhibition solely dedicated to the work of the acclaimed contemporary jewellery designer. Originally trained as a painter and sculptor, Khouri’s jewels are often viewed as works of art in their own right, with one of her tenets being an insistence on bringing fine jewellery into the twenty-first century. In recent years, Ana Khouri has become renowned for her unique, forward-thinking approach to the function and design of jewellery. Jewels Now – Ana Khouri will be on view at Phillips’ New York galleries from 14-16 September.


Ana Khouri, said, “Jewellery is my medium and to make it, by nature, is to be mindful of its techniques and the value of such fine materials. But this is secondary. The feeling I want to impart is one of radiance, in every sense: That of light, of emotion, of energy and, of course, that of beauty. I am honored to be showing my work at Phillips with this exhibition."


Susan Abeles, Phillips’ Head of Jewels, Americas, said, “It is a privilege to have the opportunity to present the beautiful, fluid and creative works from Ana Khouri’s oeuvre. Since founding her company, she has changed the way people interact with and wear their jewellery. Her gem canvases are feminine, unique and engaging for those women who share her non-conventional ideology and embrace her artistic vision.”


Nazgol Jahan, Phillips’ International Specialist, Americas, said, “Ana Khouri is a talented artist and sculptor -she defies the boundaries of art and jewellery.  The soft contours and scintillating gem color palette of her beautiful sculptural designs accentuate the human form and embody a youthful modernity.  We are thrilled to showcase her inspiring work within the realm of jewellery.”


About Ana Khouri

Ana Khouri spent her formative years between her native Brazil and the United States. She first studied Fine Arts, specializing in sculpture, in São Paulo at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. It was in art school that she first began to think critically about sculpture and jewellery, more precisely about the ways that she could make pieces that spoke directly to the body.


In New York, Khouri attained degrees at GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) and Parsons amongst several other specialized studies in jewellery. Her background and love of sculpture would now play heavily in her favor, allowing her a richer understanding of the creative possibilities that weren’t being explored in jewellery design.


As a designer she is unhinged from any technical restraints, and as an artist she if forever demanding that materials bend to her creative vision. For Khouri, designing jewellery is about the myriad ways that a piece can take shape on the wearer, and the balance the work creates with the body.


Another Khouri tenet is an insistence on bringing High jewellery into the twenty-first century. This attitude has formed a steady drumbeat under her ascent over the last few years.  While Ana has been sculpting and working on individual special projects since 2002, she officially launched her New York based namesake line in 2013 and it has grown steadily ever since drawing the allegiance of a long list of likeminded women and, in the process, brought jewellery design a giant leap forward.


Ana’s signature setting design is inspired by her search for Purity. Featuring one continuous line, no base, leaving only what is most essential - the purity of the materials used. Toeing the line between sculpture and jewellery, her designs are intended to be organic extensions of the body, with fluidity and softness. All pieces are made from 18K fairmined gold or platinum and ethically and responsibly sourced gemstones.