• Water Column

    • The work of LA based artist Oscar Tuazon is characterized by his fascination with construction, architecture, ecology, and the relationship between the object, the viewer, and their surroundings. On view during "FIAC Hors les Murs" in the fall of 2017 at the Place Vendome in Paris, Water Column, 2017, is an important manifestation of these themes. Initially a site-specific work, Water Column focuses on the artist’s concern with the infrastructure of water systems and their relationship with humans; more specifically, it presents the view that water is the "connective tissue" between people and their surroundings.i The work itself is interactive as it was designed to be walked through and inhabited: "A sculpture lacks life, needs you, it’s an emptiness you occupy. Our world is water; make a sculpture for water, then. A pipe, a hole moving water through the earth, a passage from one place to another."ii

      The work consists of an industrial scale pipeline, designed for use in the context of the management and retention of natural mass-water, which is supported by tree trunks, cut from Paris’ Bois de Vincennes. These trunks are in a form of an aqueduct, drawing parallels between the natural and the man-made. Water Column encourages the viewer to engage with, but to participate in the relationship between man-made conduits and natural ecosystems on a monumental scale. 

      i Nathalie Haddad, Oscar Tuazon’s "Water School" Targets Pollution and Climate Change, Frieze, May 30, 2019, online.
      ii “UNE COLONNE D’EAU, 2017”, Oscar Tuazon | 2017, Place Vendome, Fiac, 2017, online.

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