Dr. Fredric Brandt and the Arts

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” - Henry David Thoreau

A true artist is driven by a desire to express the beauty he sees around him, to bring it to life in such a unique and inimitable way that it leaves its mark on the world. This is the legacy of Dr. Fredric Brandt. A man of real vision in the field of cosmetic dermatology, his masterful work was beyond compare. His canvas, the face. His paintbrush and paintbox, the tools of his trade. His inspiration, the collection of contemporary art he amassed over the past 30 years.

A serious patron of the arts, Dr. Brandt was always a pioneer. In the same way he was consistently a step ahead with his medical expertise. Always seeking out the little-known artist, the important, upcoming painter, sculptor or photographer, it was with his finely-tuned instinct and keen eye that he built a collection of each rising artist’s best work from a particular year. Dr Brandt was a man who understood the zeitgeist.

His home quickly evolved into his personal gallery, a creative space that inspired him on many levels and brought him great joy. If he found a work at an art fair, no matter if it didn’t fit in his house; he’d find a place. The art was always his primary concern.

“Why hire an interior decorator?” Dr. Brandt would joke. “Just buy art!”

He was extremely bold and discerning in his selections. Before the art world took note of Rudolf Stingel and Christopher Wool, Dr. Brandt saw the true value of their creativity.

“He was never one who was late to the party to just pick up the trophy,” says Paul Frank McCabe, the art advisor who represented Dr. Brandt. “He knew them to be trophies the minute he laid eyes on them.”

The pieces that resonated most were colorful, precise and warm, much like Dr. Brandt himself. A man of great wit, intelligence and insight, he immediately understood the hidden meaning, or humorous message. This was reflected in some his favourites works such as Richard Prince’s Monochromatic Jokes series. He was so inspired by this acquisition— a typographic gag line about a psychiatrist doing stand-up — that it influenced the shaping of his entire collection. “I like my art to make me feel good when I look at it,” he would often remark.

Dr. Brandt’s had a real passion for both his practice and for art and artists, and this is manifest in his state-of-the-art cosmetic dermatological institute, where learning, education and clinical research trials for the FDA reflect Dr. Brandt’s pioneering vision.

His optimism and pursuit of innovation drove his desire to transform the world of beauty. He had a simple mantra — “I always want to do better the following day than what I did the day before” This embodies his commitment to the artfulness of his practice which was Inspired by the contemporary masterworks with which he surrounded himself.

Now Dr. Brandt’s vision will live on as the Dr. Brandt Foundation has been established to support organizations that work with young artists to enhance their skills and passion for the arts. In doing so, the legacy of his exceptional talent and vision will be rightfully assured.

-Stephane Colleu

CEO Dr. Brandt Skincare line