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  • Silvia Furmanovich goes to extreme lengths to find inspirations and research materials and techniques through which to express the ideas that take shape in her imagination. 

    Long fascinated by the ancient arts and crafts of Japan, she visited the country in 2014 and explored recherche skills, including bamboo weaving.  In Japan, craft skills are revered as true art forms, and artisans, often dedicated for a lifetime to one particular craft skill, are celebrated as national treasures. 

    Here, in this impressive woven ring, Furmanovich re-imagines and contemporises the art and craft of bamboo weaving; bamboo prized for its unique fusion of lightness and strength, its resilience, flexibility and durability, celebrated in Japanese art. 

    However, she has cross-fertilised her themes and inspirations, finding the bamboo she needed for this collection, growing in the Amazon.  

    In the ring too she has referenced the knot motif, a symbol of longevity, of connectivity across cultures and civilisations, its meaning and beauty celebrated by trailing lines of diamonds, that also highlight the rhythmic flow of silky woven bamboo. 

    • Artist Biography

      Silvia Furmanovich


      Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Silvia Furmanovich comes from a long line of Italian goldsmiths; her great-grandfather made ornaments for the Vatican, and as a child, Furmanovich spent hours working beside her goldsmith father in his atelier. In 1998, she launched her own collection and opened her first boutique in São Paulo in 2009. Today, she has two boutiques, along with her own atelier, in São Paulo, and she is joined in the business by her three sons.


      Furmanovich draws on varied cultural and historical references and traditions – from Japan and India to Italy and the Amazonian Rainforests - but she takes these inspirations to an entirely new level, re-imagining and refreshing them through her in-depth exploration of materials and techniques. These include intricate wood marquetry to capture Brazil’s rich flora and fauna, Mughal romance portrayed through Indian miniature painting, Japanese bamboo basketwork reinterpreted using Amazonian bamboo, and jewels set with antique Roman micromosaics, a homage to her Italian heritage.  All come to life through her courageous use of colour, particularly the coloured gems that are Brazil’s birthright.

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"Woven Bamboo" Ring in Bamboo set with Coloured Diamonds and 18k Yellow Gold

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$4,680 USD