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  • Catalogue Essay

    A recent graduate from the RCA Design Products course, Plytube is Seongyong Lee’s graduate project and marks the first time the young designer chose to work in wood. Lee’s love for industrial production and respect for craft is well represented in this series of work, and the perfection of the pieces is an interesting deception in that they are immaculately crafted hand-works rather than a fully realized, industrial product, a common first impression. Inspired by standard cardboard tubing and their construction principals, Plytube is an incredible innovation as both architectural material and furniture design. The series defines an entirely new language of joinery alongside deftly crafted veneers and stacked laminations. The pieces are remarkably lightweight but sacrifice nothing in strength. A fully functional stool from Plytube weighs a mere 820g.


Plytube Bench

Plywood, veneer, maple, birch, cedar, pear wood
107 x 28 x 43h cm

Park Ave Shop

7 March
New York