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  • Catalogue Essay

    SAMMA (the Swedish word for same) found it’s beginnings in 2009 when Hanna Sandin came home to find her apartment ransacked and her valuables and jewellery stolen. She began stringing materials from her studio around her neck and her jewelry became a natural, wearable extension of the mobiles and sculpture for which she was already known.
    An intuitive handling of materials informs a simple, though idiosyncratic aesthetic. Sandin works with various materials including woven metals, cast pyramids and hand crafted elements, incorporating the repetition of geometric motifs. Her sculptural background is evident in the unique sensibility of each piece. SAMMA’s 2010 spring collection was present at GenArt’s Fresh Faces event last fall. S AMMA was also a finalist in GenArt 2009 styles competition in November.
    Sandin lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Brick on Pin Bracelet

United States, 2011

Park Ave Shop

7 March
New York